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100 Crunches A Day | Sit-Ups Get A Flat Stomach


100 Crunches A Day | Sit-Ups Get A Flat Stomach: I’m frequently asked if doing situps or crunches will get individuals the toned six-pack abs they desire. If we do 100 crunches a day, we will not lose our belly fat. There is no way. Unfortunately, it takes many disciplined eating decisions, not just a lot of situps, to achieve the noticeable weight and fat loss required to reveal those washboard abs.
Despite the abundance of belly-busting devices and workout DVDs, there is no escaping the truth about food and nutrition. Therefore the keys to achieving the noticeable weight and fat loss required to show off flat, washboard abs. Another post will go through the diet and nutrition modifications you’ll need to make. First, we’ll look at why targeted fat loss, commonly known as spot reduction, is impossible to achieve. It doesn’t depend on how many products we buy or crunches we do.

100 Crunches A Day | Sit-Ups Get A Flat Stomach


Need A Six-Pack Or A Flat Tummy

The only way to lose fat is throughout your body. Situps and crunches will not help you here, despite what you may have heard. It’s critical to understand the distinction between strengthening your ab muscles and losing the layer of fat on top of them.

People who claim they desire a six-pack or a flat stomach mean they want to remove a layer of fat from the waist. In this way, situps and crunches can be compared to bicep curls. Each sort of exercise targets a particular set of muscles. Furthermore, due to the limited size of both muscle groups, training them will not result in fat reduction.

Your body temperature must rise sufficiently to trigger the metabolic effects required to burn fat for losing fat. Using a single small muscle group, such as the abdominals or biceps, is insufficient to generate the amount of heat required for calorie burning and subsequent fat loss.

Perform Bicep Curls Or Crunches

Consider this: if the muscle group is small, the amount of heat it generates will be small as well. For better understanding, the layer of fat you want to lose on your body like a jacket. If you did bicep curls or crunches, you probably wouldn’t generate enough heat to want to take off your coat.

Assume you’re doing full-body exercises like sprinting up hills, stairwells, or circuit training while wearing the same jacket. After just a few minutes, I think it’s safe to say you’ll want to pull that jacket (layer of fat) off. The second form of exercise creates far more heat than bicep curls or crunches because high-intensity workouts use numerous muscle groups.

It is why high-intensity, full-body activities are more effective than situps or crunches for calorie burning and fat loss. The basic conclusion is that spot reduction is a hoax so that you can save your money on all those touted devices, gizmos, and workout routines. They are ineffective. Situps cannot help you achieve a flat stomach because they do not reduce your total body fat percentage.

High Heat Equals High Intensity

As previously said, the running hill is an excellent example of a workout that engages both the upper and lower body. This high-intensity workout creates a significant amount of heat in the body. Which you now know is necessary for fat loss.

If you can, compare the amount of heat you would feel while performing situps to the amount of heat. You would experience it after jogging up and downhills. The distinction is astounding.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you go out and run hills to have a flat stomach and toned abs. Any activity that engages several muscle groups is high intensity—also raising your body temperature and causing fat to burn.

It was even better, combining two resistance-training activities, such as bicep curls and lunges. Followed by squats and shoulder presses, it will not only generate a lot of heat in the body. But also increase muscular mass.

Muscle building is what gives your body the toned, shapely image that everyone desires. Another advantage of increasing muscle mass is that it enhances your metabolism.

Consider this: the more muscle mass you have, the hotter your fat-burning engine will be during your workouts. If you want a flat stomach, this is all we want to do.

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