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5 Ways to Make Business Conferences More Productive


Conferences are important business events. These are used to bring people together within the same company or from the same industry. There can be different agendas for conferences at different levels. Some are used to train people by arranging presentations and demonstrations. Others are based around discussing new trends in the industry.

So, whichever conferences your business is organizing, the main aim should be to make them more productive. When you talk about productivity, it really is all about agenda delivery and information sharing. Also, with right kind of planning, conferences can be made much more productive too. Here are some ways to help you do just that:

1: Keep Them Short and Precise

Have you ever attended a business event that was too long? If you have, you’d realize how much demoralizing it can be. Long hour conferences tend to make people and attendees lose interest fast. This is why the need is there to keep them short and precise.

Make sure to allocate the right time for those conferences. Depending on your business industry and conference types, these business events can only be restricted to a few hours. In fact, there is no need to drag them beyond a couple of hours too.

So, keep your conferences short. Also, too short events can also destroy the purpose too. You need to find just the right time window. Previous experiences will help you time these business events right. Also, make sure to incorporate breaks at regular intervals too.

2: Add iPads and Tablets to Reception Desks

Reception desks are always of great importance for big business events. Conferences are no different. Business managers can add iPad reception booths to make their events look more advanced. iPads for reception desks also provide many other great features.

Firstly, these in-house events can gain great branding features with iPads on receptions. Also, attendance systems for participants can be a lot more streamlined. Fingerprint scanning for attendance makes things look more advanced and updated as opposed to pen and paper based.

Also, people generally tend to like tech devices like iPads more. So, iPad Hire options are available with floor or table stands for receptions too. Receptionists can use these to great advantage for conferences of all types and kinds.

3: Use Laptops for Presentations and Demos

Many conferences will involve presentations and demonstrations. For these, laptops have proven to be the best devices. Also, laptops can project their displays on larger screens as well for mass presentations and demos. So, laptops can be the perfect devices for conferences.

If you have presentations going for mass audiences, laptops with larger display outputs suit best. These are high-quality computing devices with great productivity features for events of all kinds. Laptops setup on individual tables at conferences are other great application ideas too.

Businesses can use laptop rental services instead of purchasing these expensive devices. When the business needs many laptops, renting saves money as well. Also, with rental options, businesses can choose any modern devices for use on conferences too.

4: Promote a Sense of Winning with Quizzes

One of the best ways to make your conferences be more productive is to keep all the attendees involved. Also, people like to win. Share with them this feeling of winning through quizzes and questions. Quizzes can be great tools to boost engagement for any conference.

When you have a large team of attendees, ask questions related to the conference agenda. If you are training people or sharing trendy knowledge, asking questions can make information sync in better. Managers can use quizzes at regular intervals to boost conference productivity.

Make sure to prepare quiz questions with reference to the information being shared. Businesses can also use smartphone apps to keep answers anonymous when required. Hand out prizes like bonuses or on-spot valuables to boost that feeling of winning.

5: More Advanced Layouts and Devices Generally

Conferences used to be pretty plain and simple. Businesses could’ve called a conference in a large room with no devices. However, modern business people have grown far more conscious. The need for tech is great for business conferences of all kinds.

So, add some fancy tech devices like iPads, laptops, large displays or even VR for conferences. All these have the ability to sharpen your presentations and information delivery. Make break times more interesting with Virtual Reality devices. Offer interesting real-world VR content.

Also, businesses can get any tech devices for rental from various service providers. Tech hire companies offer all kinds of iPads, laptops and VR devices for cheap rental prices. These devices help keep expenses minimal yet offering great tech device functionality at the same time.

Bottom Line

Business conferences are of great significance. One of the best ways to boost productivity for them is to use modern tech devices. iPads and laptops offer great functionality for all kinds of business needs. These devices are available for rental when required for use on business meetings and conferences.

Share information through presentations and demos with tech devices. Offer prizes on quizzes to keep everyone at the conference more involved. All these tactics help boost the productivity of your business conferences making them achieve more.