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6 Amenities You Need in Sober Homes for Men

6 Amenities You Need in Sober Homes for Men

Are you someone who is recovering from your addiction? If that is the case, you very well know the importance of sober homes in the recovery journey. While there are many facilities in Austin, you need to make sure that you are joining the right place that has all the important amenities that you might need during your stay. In this article, let us have a look at the list of amenities that are specific to the needs of men. Of course, some of these are universal in nature.

Cable & Wi-Fi are Important to Provide Recreation

A cable connection and a Wi-Fi connection are important sources of recreation. Without these two amenities people could easily get bored and feel depressed. While it is not required for everyone, people will not be at their best during the stay at home. After a rehab or a detox treatment, people staying at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes could be susceptible to depression and relapse. Presence of such recreation facilities ensures that you stay sober the whole time.

A Private Pool is a Welcome Relief but Not Mandatory

A private pool for men is not available at all facilities but at our Eudaimonia center at Austin, we have a specialized pool for our male members. This way, they can enjoy a refreshing bath or swim in the pools whenever they wish. We also have support staff who could be of assistance in these facilities. In fact swimming is a nice fitness workout too. Speaking about fitness, the next important amenity in a sober house is the presence of a fitness center.

Fitness center is Important as You Need a Fit Body

As the old adage goes, a healthy mind in a healthy body. So, it is important to maintain the health of our clients. At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we help you to stay fit and healthy by providing you with the best fitness center that you can get in a sober living house. We have a fully furnished gym that has all the important fitness equipment.

Community Center or a Coffee Lounge for Socialization

Another important need for men in the recovery period is the ability to socialize. WIthout the presence of socialization, men tend to grow weak and lose a lot of muscles. That is why, it is recommended to have a community center or a coffee lounge. A coffee lounge is the best thing for men. Since you are not allowed to drink alcohol and beer, a coffee lounge offers the right environment for men to socialize. 

Media Room is Another Important Place in a Sobriety Home

Presence of a media room plays an important role in the sobriety journey of people. When you are in the facility with your family or friends, you tend to feel the importance of a dedicated media room. At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we provide all the above amenities and apart from that the continuous and urgent care that caters to your personal needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today.