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Advantages of Considering Mediation Instead of Taking Divorce to Court

Advantages of Considering Mediation Instead of Taking Divorce to Court

It provides a less adversarial approach that is both cost-effective and efficient, which can significantly reduce the risks of litigation. On top of all this, mediation is often accompanied by less individual conflict and more family harmony post-settlement than mediation alone.

You can consult a Columbus divorce attorney to understand whether mediation is a viable option for you. Mediation means two people work together to come up with an agreeable solution for their divorce issues, rather than determining their own outcome. 

We will now see more into the advantages of considering mediation instead of taking a divorce to court.

  1. Mediation is comparatively inexpensive

Divorce can be quite an expensive process. A divorce court case is usually more than a lot of people can afford, especially one involving children and assets. Mediation offers an alternative that draws on the respective skills of both parties to arrive at a suitable solution. Attorneys charge less for mediation because mediation can be done without the need for much litigation or legal procedure.

  1. Quick process

Preventing a divorce case from going to court is an important form of prevention. Because mediation can be done in about one hour, the chances of a case being dragged out for many months are slim. Mediation is usually much faster than divorce court cases, especially when there is no disagreement between the parties. 

  1. Flexible solutions and settlements

Mediation is an alternative type of dispute resolution that is geared towards solving disputes amicably. A good mediator knows how to extract information that leads to negotiation between two parties. Disputes can be settled in a manner that will be accepted by both parties, and so they can move on with their lives faster and happier.

  1. No nasty surprises

Both parties are in control of the settlement process and all information is shared with the help of a mediator, who has no vested interest in the outcome. A divorce lawyer can help you understand more about mediation if you choose to go for it over divorce court cases.

  1. Allow both parties to revise and adjust the scope of their conflict

Information helps you see another point of view, which can be an effective way to find common ground. As there are no surprises during the process, both parties will be able to adjust their views and expectations.