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Ali Chanel – who is she? Playboy’s ‘curviest model”s age, Instagram, and measurements.

Ali Chanel - who is she? Playboy's 'curviest model"s age, Instagram, and measurements.

Ali Chanel – who is she? Playboy’s ‘curviest model”s age, Instagram, and measurements.

Ali Chanel has been unveiled as Playboy’s newest playmate, but fans want to learn more about her!

Announced as Playboy’s newest playmate in August, but the brand only recently revealed that she is their curviest playmate to date.

“I think the world is just ready to accept all kinds of bodies and realize that we’re all worth loving,” Ali remarked of the accomplishment model. And I think it’s inspiring because so many people today feel invisible and misrepresented in the media. It’s just so special to be that girl.”

Ali Chanel – who is she?

She is 32 and the mother of three-year-old Arlo, whom she frequently shows on her Instagram account.

Ali is expanding her social media profile, with 85k Instagram followers under the account @alichanel. She posts selfies, clothing photos, and family photos with her partner and daughter daily to her Instagram account.

Natural Model Management lists her height as 5’8″ and her waist size as 35 12″. She is a US 12-14, according to them.

Ali is a jack of all trades, having gone to beauty school, relocated to Arizona to establish a band, and then worked at a school before becoming a Playboy model.

What was her first job at Playboy, and how did she acquire it?

Playboy hand-picked Ali Chanel, who told Fox News that her agency called her the next day to tell her that Playboy wanted to see her.

She discusses how different it was from her expectations in her Playboy interview:

“I had this preconceived picture of what Playboy would be like when I was considering doing it.” I expected to be interviewed by older males and demonstrate my physical abilities to get the job.

“No, it wasn’t at all like that.” It was interesting to learn about what Playboy stands for as a brand, and it’s particularly excellent since practically everyone I worked with on the shoot was a woman.”

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