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Aliyah, How She Escape Herself A Hidden World

Aliyah, How She Escape Herself A Hidden World

Aliyah, How She Escape Herself A Hidden World: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about Aliyah. Not even teddy bears and family trips feature prominently in Aliyah’s early memories.

Instead, when she got home from school, seeing an open front window made her feel better. It meant her father was allowing fresh air to enter the house.

Aliyah, How She Escape Herself A Hidden World


About Aliyah

Aliyah had no prior experience with drugs. When the window was open, he was happy, so she knew he had what he needed. When it was closed, he wasn’t happy because there was no smoke.

The people who didn’t live in their south London home at the time had no idea what goes on in there behind close doors. She claims that there was violence in the home, and that Aliyah was the victim of it on occasion.

She and her sister would sob into each other’s arms as they slept in their bunk bed.

When money was tight, so was food. Aliyah remembers times when there was none in the house, and she’d have to go to school without any food.

It would be years before social services would come to the aid of Aliyah and her siblings. After her parents put on their “best faces” in front of the authorities when it was time to protect Aliyah, Aliyah believes that she and her siblings were neglected.

As Kendra Houseman, a child criminal activity consultant points out, “if home is not a safe place, that makes them vulnerable to exploitation.” She also warns that there are a lot more people like Aliyah out there.

Aliyah Defied Odds And Change Her Life For The Better

When Aliyah was eight, her father hosted a party for family and friends to commemorate his birthday. Aliyah received a bottle of champagne as a gift. She drank to the point of intoxication and was rushed to the hospital.

Aliyah’s descent into alcoholism had begun. In her words: “I’d just drink – I’d always want to drink” after that. Aliyah had a drinking problem by the time she was thirteen. As a result, drinking became a problem for me. I was depressed.

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“Hidden Girls,” a film by Amanda Kirton, examines the underreported problem of sexually and criminally exploiting young girls in gangs.”

On Saturday, October 2nd, at 13:30 on BBC News Channel or BBC iPlayer, catch up with the storey.

She was raised in a house that was once a trap house because her parents’ marriage had broken down and her father had left the house. It was used to store drugs and weapons as well as attract drug dealers.

Aliyah distinctly recalls being abandoned there once and having to fend for herself.

She recalls when she was 10 years old and had to deal with a slew of drug dealers living in her home. She blamed herself because she was a child at the time and didn’t understand what she’d done.

One of the trap house’s regular customers noticed something was off. She describes him as showing more genuine concern. He offered to look after Aliyah, and she grew to regard him as a friend.

They are still in touch. The author speculates, “I think he saw a little girl who didn’t have her parents in the way she needed them to have parents, and I think he just wanted to showing little bit of support here and there when he could”

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