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Amari Bailey Mom, Get A Porsche For Her

Amari Bailey Mom, Get A Porsche For Her

Amari Bailey Mom, Get A Porsche For Her: For the holidays, mari Bailey, a star basketball player at his high school, gave his mother a brand new Porsche. He might be son of the year.

Amari Bailey Mom, Get A Porsche For Her

amari bailey mom


“This year he wanted to kick off the holiday season a little different and got her mom a car,”. The Sierra Canyon combo guard said of the generous gift, which he delivered to her on Monday.

“The sacrifices you have make to create this dream of mine a reality are greatly appreciate. I adore you and cherish our relationship. Thought I’d get the whip for you before you did.”

His mother, Johanna Leia, who you may recall as Drake’s ex-girlfriend, was left speechless. And took to social media for expressing her gratitude to her son, who is now 17 years old.

According to the pictures, the whip is a 2022 Porsche Cayenne, which starts at nearly $70,000.

That’s an expensive bill for a high school student to bear. Most likely, he took advantage of the NCAA’s new non-injury rule (NIL).

He On His Personality

“I had no intention of posting anything because I am a very private individual. Even so, I’m still taken aback by the magnitude of what this represents “In an Instagram post, Leia made the following statement.

“This is a beautiful tribute to you, Amari, and all of our countless hours spent working out in the gym and conversing in the car. A smile on your face and no holes in your heart have always been all I’ve ever wanted from you.”

So far, the sacrifices have been worthwhile… One of the most promising high school basketball players in the 2022 class, 5-star recruit Bailey recently signed with UCLA.

It’s Leia’s hope that she will be able to assist in any way she can as she pursues her own dreams.

“But it’s truly amazing that at the tender age of 17 you’ve decided to thank me and make me smile. Let go of past and focus on the future, Pooks.”

“It feels good to know that I’ve worked hard enough to give back to my community,” says Amari, who is helping two single mothers in Chicago this holiday season.

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