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Amazon Reviews | Watchdog for Fake Good Reviews

Amazon Reviews | Watchdog for Fake Good Reviews

Amazon Reviews | Watchdog for Fake Good Reviews: ON FRIDAY, the UK regulators said that Google and Amazon are investigating concerns that giants don’t do enough to stop fake reviews on their platform.

Amazon Reviews | Watchdog for Fake Good Reviews


Aboilition of Consumer Laws

The Competition and Markets Authority has opened up a formal inquiry. In which whether the two companies have violated UK consumer law by not protecting customers. In a pandemic boom in online shopping last year, the watchdog began looking at falsified reviews on several prominent websites without identifying any specific ones.

“We are concerned that millions of online buyers might be wronged by reading fake reviews. Hence spending their money on that advice,” said Andrea Coscelli, chief executive of the watchdog, in a press release.

“It is simply not fair that some companies can falsify 5-star reviews to give prominence to their products or services. While law-abiding companies lose out.”

The CMA has yet to assess whether either company has violated the Consumer Protection Law. If so, the watchdog might have to change the way fake reviews are handled or courted.

Amazon & Google Working on It

Google and Amazon have stated that they will be working on the investigation with UK regulators.

“We dedicate substantial resources to prevent the appearance in our shop of fake. Also encouraging review to help build customer confidence, “In a statement, Amazon said. The company said the effort is hard to ensure the evaluations “reflect accurately the experience gained by customers in a product” and said that 200 million fake reviews blocks before shoppers had ever seen them.

Google said that “the strict policy of state reviews must base on real experience, and when policy breaches find, we take action — from deleting unlawful content to disabling user accounts.”

Suspicision Matter of Behviour

His first test, which started last year, raised specific concerns about whether the two companies had done enough to detect fake and misleading assessments. Also quickly remove them from their sites.

In particular, it concerns the ‘suspicious behavior patterns’ with examinations. For example, when the same users examine the same unrelated products or companies simultaneously.

An additional red flag is if a positive evaluation suggests that the reviewer paid or encourages to write it.

Misleading and False Amazon Reviews

Another problem is whether Google and Amazon are doing enough to punish reviewers or companies. That have received misleading or false reviews as a means to deter frequent offenders.

The watchdog also examines whether Amazon systems fail to prevent sellers from using “co-opting” positive reviews on other products to manipulate product lists.

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