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Angry Birds Toons Chuck, What Is This?

Angry Birds Toons Chuck, What Is This?

Angry Birds Toons Chuck, What Is This?: Angry Birds Toons premiered with Chuck Time. Red and Chuck make their television debut in this episode. It premiered on the 16th of March, 2013.

Angry Birds Toons Chuck, What Is This?

Angry Birds Toons Chuck

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It’s a race against time to save Red after Chuck accidentally pushes him off a cliff.


  • Red
  • Chuck
  • Butterfly


In the middle of setting up the Slingshot on a mountaintop, it began to topple over on Chuck and Red. Red was about to fall off the cliff when Chuck stepped in to save it.

Instead of waiting for the time to pass, Chuck activated his headband immediately after seeing Red fall.

His attention was briefly drawn to a butterfly before his focus returned to work when he noticed Red was slipping away slowly and returned to his task.

Despite his best efforts, Red would have taken a long time to reach the bucket he had set up because of the slow pace of time.

Chuck was bored, so he did crossword puzzles, drank milkshakes, and relaxed in a chair, completely oblivious to the fact that the water bucket had veered off course.

Red had already fallen to his death when Chuck realised what was going on. Chuck tried his best to move the bucket, but it was far too heavy due to the water inside.

In the last second, Chuck dived under Red to save him, realising that Red was going to be seriously injured.

After sometime, everything went back to normal and the birds were fine. The slingshot, on the other hand, apparently fell off the mountain and crushed Chuck.

Red initially thought Chuck had been crushed, but he later discovered Chuck sitting in a beach chair, unharmed. Chuck gives the audience one last wink as the episode comes to a close.


The slingshot that had been directly behind Chuck vanishes as Chuck watches Red fall. As the episode progressed, it remained like this until it fell off the ledge it had been on.

The labels next to the names in the credits are the same size. Only one episode had this problem before it was corrected in Where’s My Crown?

Another mistake was to make “Created by” smaller than the names.


One of Chuck’s biopics in the Angry Birds Trilogy looks a lot like Chuck Time’s plot.

While watching The Prankster, I noticed a scene where Stella gets pranked by Poppy and gets covered with red feathers, and it reminded me of this episode.

Chuck is seen with a headband on when he is activated. In the game, Chuck doesn’t have a headband, though.

Chuck’s appearance differs slightly from the Space animation and Trilogy cut-scenes, despite using the same format.

Fans were led to believe that Chef Pig from True Blue? would appear in the Angry Birds Toons episode after seeing a brief clip of him spliced into the footage of Red falling from the trailer.

It reminds me of old-school animated cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes when Red is first pushed off the cliff and hangs there for a split second.

Chuck refers to this episode by saying “It’s Chuck Time!” in The Angry Birds Movie.

Angry Birds Toons’ first time-warping Chuck is eerily similar to Quicksilver from the X-Men series.

Angry Birds 2’s slingshot preparation sound is taken from Chuck’s attempt to push the bucket of water.

It sounds like Red is calling out Chuck’s name in some of his screams.

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