Home Technology Athenascope, Secures A $2.5 Million Seed Led By The First Round

Athenascope, Secures A $2.5 Million Seed Led By The First Round

Athenascope, Secures A $2.5 Million Seed Led By The First Round

Athenascope, Secures A $2.5 Million Seed Led By The First Round: As cross-platform games become even more time-consuming for many people, it’s probably worth thinking about how to enjoy your in-game achievements.

Celebrity esports streaming on Twitch has taken off in ways no one could have predicted, but due to the labor-intensive editing process, most of the attention has gone to those who plan to make gaming a full-time career.

Athenascope, Secures A $2.5 Million Seed Led By The First Round


How Athenascope Capture?

Using computer vision intelligence, Athenascope hopes to capture, review, and summarise what even the most inexperienced players have accomplished in their most recent battle royale in the form of a short, shareable highlight reel.

Chris Kirmse, the team’s leader, previously founded Xfire, a game messaging service purchased by Viacom for over $100 million in 2006.

Announcement Of Company

This week, the company announce that it has closed a seed round of $2.5 million led by First Round Capital to expand its tools and staff. The round is announce.

The AI highlight reel tool for gamers is also release by them. With assist for Fortnite, Rocket League and PUBG as of now, the tool is highly customise for each title, but Kirmse plans on adding more titles in the future.

For example, First Round Capital partner Josh Kopelman note that many gaming entertainment tools are “really skew towards the high-end.”

“They’re not for amateurs,” Kopelman. “They’re for professionals.” I believe Chris’ goal with Athenascope is to make professional-quality game highlights available to everyone, even if they don’t know how to do it themselves.

2D Interface

Video-editing software companies are familiar with the challenge of preventing footage from dying on the device. Using computer vision deep learning to determine which footage is interesting and deserving of a highlight reel.

As many others have suggested, appears to be the answer. Games that Athenascope supports operate in fundamentally predictable ways.

2D interface cues offer some pretty healthy indicators of when exciting stuff is going down have some key advantages over companies like GoPro that are trying to do the same with real-world video.


Instead of requiring access to your Fortnite account via a plug-in, the game simply analyses what you see while playing.. In addition.

Athenascope is working on innovative tools that will let you see gameplay from multiple points of view by synchronising footage. From other players who are also using Athenascope’s service and providing a multi-view replay.

Ultimately, the company hopes to use computer vision to help gamers learn about their strengths and weaknesses. And act as a sort of computer vision coach as a result of this.

At this point, the priority is to provide gamers with entertaining vignettes of their gaming experiences. While also ensuring that they have a positive gaming experience overall.

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