Home News Bagram | US Exit Bagram & Afghanistan Marks End Of Era

Bagram | US Exit Bagram & Afghanistan Marks End Of Era

Bagram | US Exit Bagram & Afghanistan Marks End Of Era

Bagram | US Exit Bagram & Afghanistan Marks End Of Era:  The cryptic U.S. logistics and medical hub mark an accelerated withdrawal from Afghanistan from the Biden Administration – and a difficulty for the residents.

A prominent symbol of the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan has shut down several sources of evidence to mark an end to foreign military occupation.

One of its largest bowling houses to prevent the total security collapse after 20 years of war.

Bagram | US Exit Bagram & Afghanistan Marks End Of Era


Left Bagram Air Base

The last U.S. troops have reportedly left Bagram Air Base, the former Soviet airstrip, which became the world’s busiest Defense Department airfield at its height during the 1980s.

They are leaving marks the end of any U.S. military presence on the ground outside Kabul in Afghanistan.

Since 2001, NATO troops and contracted thousands, shock trauma clinics, and the operations center have been housed at the base. As well as becoming a critical logistics hub for many security forces in the country and a global outer lifeline.

In addition, three American Presidents and numerous other senior officials who sought to explore new approaches to an ambitious mission were in the background for surprise visits.

To establish a safety infrastructure that would enable foreign troops to pull out and allow Western-sponsored politicians to govern without question in Kabul.

Deepening Security

This aim is now on the verge of failure, and some estimates show that Kabul’s gains must reduce by one year.

Although the driving distance from Kabul is only an hour away. Hence nearly all Western traffic between the capital and Bagram had to fly by helicopter during a deepening security situation on the ground for the last decade.

Several sources indicate that technical support by the United States appears to  left behind in Bagram to protect the remaining military infrastructure.

On Friday morning, at least two residents detain by security forces for their attempt to pillage equipment at the Afghan news outlet Pajhwok.

Evacuate Injured Soldiers Medically

With President Joe Biden’s hasty American departures, which are expected to be complete by 4 July. Therefore critical support missions provided by the U.S. are also shrinking.

Particularly the close air support for Afghan forces combating the Taliban and evacuating injured soldiers medically.

Friday morning the impact of the Us withdrawal from the base, Air support is what we need.

The critical questions that has plagued U.S. military planners in replicating the closed-air support that has developed.

But remains untenable for the emerging Afghan air force for at least a decade. It is unlikely that ground forces will risk their lives without them.

Not Providing Any Financial Support to U.S Forces

The Pentagon has undertaken to maintain, but will no longer provide, financial support for these operations with U.S. forces.

And how the Kabul government supports the contractor necessary to maintain the emerging Afghan air force is unclear.

The Taliban continues to take control of the large sections of the country in a troubling and accelerating rhythm. It is now in charge of over 80 districts.

U.S. Exit from Bagram

The U.S. exit from Bagram was “the positive step” that an Afghan spokesperson told News. Hence with full withdrawal of foreign forces, stability and peace can be brought closer.

The insurgent network does not plan to attempt to override Bagram. It is plan to seize small compounds and facilities outside the towns.

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