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Best Newspaper In USA | Alternative Facts To Find Facts

Newspaper USA

Best Newspaper In USA | Alternative Facts To Find Facts: Where do we find absolute truth, facts in the new era of internet hoaxes, falsified news, and the new government that contains their own “alternative facts?”

A lot of people seem confused and disturbed. BBC and New York Times, and Money News reports (with evidence) that Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novels such as George Orwell and Brave New World in 1984 show considerable increases in sales. So the gifts received the Golden Globe Prize from the Committee to Protect Journalists in January following Meryl Streep’s pro-trump and superstar speech. New York and other journals have dramatically taken up subscriptions since Donald Trump, according to the Columbia Journalism Review and other sources were elected president.

Meanwhile, I have heard about several well-educated friends who ask themselves whether their reading habits lead them to facts or fiction. “Hey, dude. Hey. Have you a question about this “fake news” “One of my high school years’ friends wrote. “What is your recommendation and opinion as to where some truth can now found in our media?”

Newspaper USA

Top 10 Newspaper

USA Today

Every day, seven million people read USA TODAY and USATODAY.com. Hence, with over 21 million mobile app downloads. So USA TODAY is a mobile application market leader. US TODAY is owned by Gannett Co., Inc.

The Wall Street Journal 

With over 2.2 million subscribers, As the Wall Street Journal is America’s largest newspaper by paid circulation. The Journal has increased its core content in recent years as they offer to include coverage of the arts, culture, lifestyle, real estate, sports, and personal health. Therefore, continuing its legacy as the leading source of business and financial news.

News Today 

As for breaking news, data, and opinions in business, sports, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle. Newsday.com is the most trusted news source on Long Island and in New York City.

Los Angeles Time 

The Los Angeles Times most popular and most significant in the country. With 1.4 million daily readers and 2.5 million on Sunday, over 22 million unique latimes.com. Hence, visitors monthly that combined print and an online local weekly audience of 4.1 million. For more than 133 years, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Times has to cover Southern California.

The New York Times

The NYSE is a global media organization. New York Times is a global media company dedicated to improving society through the creation, collection, dissemination of high-quality news and information. Therefore more than 150 years, Times readers have expected their newspaper to provide the most comprehensive and unwavering coverage available anywhere. Like New York Times receives more Pulitzer Prizes than any other news organization. In addition, it continues to be the leader in the overall reach of U.S. opinion leaders. The New York Times, International New York Times, NYTimes.com, INYT.com are part of the company.

Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune is the premier Chicago Tribune Media Group publication for the United States’ top newspaper. Chicago Tribune Media Group was founded in 1847 and is considered the industry leader in journalism. It is evolving into a multi-product news and information organization with several channels.

Star Tribune

The Star Tribune is the largest newspaper in Minnesota. It started in 1867 as the Minneapolis Tribune. The Minneapolis Daily Star suppos in 1920. Consequently, the competing journals of Minneapolis consolidate in the 1930s and 1940s. The Tribune will release in the morning, and the Star will release in the evening. The Washington Post 

For those calling Washington, D.C., the Washington Post is a vital tool and source of data best newspaper in the USA. Therefore Award-winning news and insight into the politics, policies, personalities, and organizations make Washington, D.C. tick. Moreover, the world’s seat of power is in digital form. The Washington Post combines world-class journalism with cutting-edge technology and tools. It also encourages participation and customization across all platforms. 

New York Post

The New York Post is a right-wing daily based in New York City, New York, in 1851 by Alexander Hamilton. The Post runs the famous PageSix.com website as well as the Decider.com website for entertainment. All the news, news, sports, entertainment, opinion, immobilization, culture, fashion, and more are available here. The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe is a daily newspaper publishes in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. In the last three months newspaper won 26 Pulitzer Prizes and had a weekday circulation of 92,820. So the Boston Globe is the city’s oldest and largest daily newspaper. Hence, Boston Globe is New England’s leading newspaper as it covers news, sports, lifestyle features, and arts and entertainment.

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