Home News Biden Border Wall | U.S President Transferred $2.2 Billion

Biden Border Wall | U.S President Transferred $2.2 Billion

Biden Border Wall | U.S President Transferred $2.2 Billion

Biden Border Wall | U.S President Transferred $2.2 Billion: On Friday, the Biden administration said it would transfer $2.2 billion previously assigned to military projects to the former border wall of President Donald Trump. The Defense Department stated that 66 projects in 11 countries, three territories, and 16 countries would receive funding.

Biden Border Wall | U.S President Transferred $2.2 Billion


Certain Projects Are Including

$10 million for Fort Greely’s Missile Field Expansion in Alaska, part of America’s North Korean ballistic missiles defense. There were two missile interceptors due to an extension.
The 2nd Radio Battalion Complex in North Carolina is worth over $25 million. Congress provides funding to the new facility to co-locate two battalions. so as to improve capacity and efficiency in combat preparedness training. As well as address the increasing threat of cyber warfare.
79 million dollars for the Spanish Military Kids Elementary School. That supports more than 600 military kids in Germany and has not been provided with adequate air conditioning, plumbing, and security systems.

More than $25 million to support up to 15 fire fighting vehicles and provide space for military personnel for physical fitness, training, and living areas at the fire/crash rescue station of the Tyndall Aer Force Base in Florida.

More than 9 million dollars requering for a Small Arms Range in Indiana to enhance air guard readiness through handling training.

Construction Of  Biden Border Wall

The opening propriety of the construction of the border wall, President Joe Biden signed an executive order and ordered the redistribution of the funding. The action on Friday forms part of his January Executive Order.

Trump made the border wall a priority for his administration and transferred funding to fund barrier construction from a number of departments, including the Defense Department. Trump went to the border during one of his final trips as president and celebrated the completion of border wall that is more than 400 miles. However, most of the buildings have already existed with barriers. Biden says only 52 miles of a wall were constructed where there had never been a barrier before. On Friday, the Office of Management and Budget. It is said some wall segments cost “US taxpayers up to $46 million a mile.

Department Of Homeland Security

The DHS said that the Trump administration had budgeted $15 billion for wall construction. But diverted $10 billion of those funds from military projects and another spending. Other resources, such as “effective border management measures like enhancing technology. Between points of entry and improving infrastructure at the Land Ports of Entry. As they are requesting the US president’s administration, according to the OMB.
A bipartisan funding package last year included $1.4 billion for the border wall. The administration has to use funds but the Department of Homeland Security is mandated by law to use them.

The DHS announced today that it will prioritize the clean-up of construction sites previously funded by the DOD.

Biden administration officials previously said that they used some border wall funds. So as to repair the Rio Grande Valley flood barrier system. And address coastal erosion caused by the wall in San Diego.