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Camilo in Encanto: What You Need to Know

Camilo in Encanto: What You Need to Know

Camilo Madrigal is a supporting character in Disney’s 60th animated feature film, Encanto. His parents, Pepa and Félix Madrigal, had three children: Dolores, the eldest, and Antonio, the younger. He is a shapeshifter, able to take on the form of any person he knows. Encanto, Disney’s 60th animated feature, features Camilo Madrigal as a supporting character. His parents, Pepa and Félix Madrigal, had three children: Dolores, the eldest, and Antonio, the younger. As a shapeshifter, he can take the form of any human he knows.

When Is The Birthday Of Camilo Madrigal?

Disney’s Encanto, which came out in 2021, features a supporting character named Camilo Madrigal. Shapeshifting is a mystical skill he possesses as the 15-year-old son of Félix and Pepa. Camilo Madrigal’s actual birthday is a mystery. His birth certificate is nowhere to be found, and we have no idea when he was born.

Dolores’ younger brother and Antonio’s older brother, Camilo in encanto is the middle child of Pepa and Félix Madrigal. Camilo, Mirabel’s second eldest cousin, is only a few months older than her, making him her age. camilo in encanto is a character who “doesn’t know who he is yet,” and he uses his shapeshifting abilities to make fun of his family members.

Who plays the role of Camilo Madrigal in the film?

On “The Walking Dead,” Rhenzy Feliz plays the role of Camilo Madrigal, Pepa and Félix’s son, the cousin of Mirabel who “do[esn’t fully know who he is yet” and can shapeshift, as well as Mirabel’s cousin.

In the words of Camilo’s voice actor, Rhenzy Feliz, “Someone who’s a little crazy, a little dramatic and someone who’s a lot of fun, and a lot of energy, you’re born an entertainer.” So there you have it. You’ve heard of him, haven’t you?

Camilo Madrigal’s Height: –

On the internet and at Disney, Camilo Madrigal’s height is kept a secret. Teenage Colombian Camilo has a thin build and golden brown skin tone. He has dark wavy hair, brown eyes, and freckles all over his face. Dressed in a white shirt with rolled sleeves and an undone collar, yellow ruana, black pants, and black sandals with white etching on the soles, that’s precisely what he is. The chameleon motif on Camilo’s shirt collar, ruana, and shoes represents his shapeshifting ability, which is reflected in his clothing.

Camilo Madrigal’s Character As Described By Disney: –

Camilo is a young man still trying to figure out who he is and what he wants to be. One of his magical skills is the ability to change shape. Puppies Pepa and Félix had no choice but to name their middle child Camilo because he was destined to be a showman. As a bonus, he can change his look at any given time, ensuring that he will always be in the public eye.

Camilo Madrigal’s Strengths and Abilities: –

Shapeshifting powers allow camilo in encanto to take on the appearance of any living individual he knows. His clothes change shape with him to reflect the new person he is becoming. Since he can shapeshift only particular parts of his body, vary the scale of his forms, and adopt more exaggerated attributes, Camilo’s ability mastery is impressive. Stress, shock, or suffering might cause him to change his behavior uncontrollably and dramatically. To get around obstacles, Camilo uses his shapeshifting abilities in concert with his slick footwork and quick leaps.

Physical Appearance:

Young Camilo, a Colombian youngster in his mid-teens, is athletically gifted and blessed with a fair, golden complexion. In addition to freckles on his nose and cheeks, he has curly brown hair, green eyes, and a dark tint to his eyelids. With the collar unbuttoned, his grandfather’s long-sleeved white shirt, dark yellow ruana, brown slacks, and black sandals with white prints, he wears the same attire as his grandfather. Embroidered chameleons adorn Camilo’s collar, ruana, and footwear, all representing his chameleon-like abilities.


Camilo in encanto is a laid-back, mischievous adolescent who appears to be one of the family members who faces less pressure from Abuela due to his gift not being of many services to the community. During Antonio’s gift-giving ceremony, he is well-liked by many of the town’s residents and greets them warmly. No matter what he wears, Camilo loves being the center of attention. He has a fantastic sense of humor and uses his shapeshifting powers to make people laugh. The fact that he enjoys eating has been noted, and he has been seen trying to sneak seconds by pretending to be Dolores to repeat (which his father scolds him for).

That Camilo “hasn’t found his identity” and utilizes his skills to test out a variety of personalities is rumored. Pranking and making fun of his relatives, particularly his father and Isabela, are among his favorite pastimes. Camilo may be cheeky and mischievous, but his antics are always harmless, and he never complains when he is caught or reprimanded. Camilo’s fears and pressures are not addressed or displayed in the film, but he hides them under a smile. Although he appreciates his gift, it causes him to question his identity, and he becomes tired of continuously changing his body for others.

Despite his humorous and cheeky demeanor, Camilo has a gentle, caring, and responsible side. In his free time, Camilo enjoys playing and caring for youngsters and infants, and he does so frequently. He adores and cares for his younger sibling. Aside from the fact that he posed as his father during the ceremony, Camilo also worried about Antonio’s well-being after the family’s powers were lost. When it comes to his mother, he’s incredibly respectful and never plays pranks on her. He handles his mother’s emotional state by soothingly treating her and tolerating being accidentally jolted by her. Because they’ve been told their entire lives that the miraculous candle is the essential thing in the Encanto, he and Isabela rush to save it as the home crumbles, exhibiting his protective instincts for the sake of helping his family at the cost of their gifts.


Stress, shock, or pain might cause him to change impulsively and wildly when his emotions are high. This causes her mouth to twitch as her eyes bulge and look away from each other as she is shocked by Bruno’s visions of Mirabel and Bruno. It’s like he’s a baby on his adolescent body, and his arms are tiny and slender when it’s time to be afraid or worried.

Shapeshifting into animals or things is out of the question because he can only shapeshift into people. If he can’t take on your physical features, he won’t be able to give you their magical abilities, too.

Encanto: essential information for supporters

  •  Fabulous cast

With Brooklyn Nine-Stephanie Nine’s Beatriz, Mara Cecilia Botero, John Leguizamo, Wilmer Valderrama, and Adassa, Maroon 5’s Margot Robbie and Disney’s Rhenzy Feliz and Carolina Gaitan, Disney’s Encanto are sure to be a hit.

  •  Music by Lin Manuel Miranda

That’s it, and the tweet is all about Lin Manuel Miranda! Miranda’s musical genius is well-known to Disney fans and Broadway aficionados alike. Miranda has established himself as one of the most prominent music producers of all time, with credits that include Hamilton: An American Musical, In The Heights, 21 Chump Street, Moana, and his most recent work, ‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’ He’ll sing, compose, act and even rap in the new movie.

  • The plot of Encanto is exciting and new.

It doesn’t matter how intense a Disney animated film is; it should always make you happy! Bright colors and beautiful cartoon characters brighten every scene in the teaser for Encanto, which appears to deliver on that promise.

  •  Well-known directors

The directors of Encanto, Jared Bush and Bryon Howard, deserve special consideration when discussing the critical players behind the scenes. Additionally, they worked on All of Us, Zootopia, Bolt, and Tangled for Disney.

You need to know these 10 things about “Encanto”:

  •  Encanto is a family drama that follows three generations of the Madrigal family as they deal with the enchantment of their ancestral house. The story revolves around Mirabel, the family’s lone non-magical member.
  • The action occurs in a bustling Colombian town nestled in the foothills.
  • Stephanie Beatriz (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) provides the voice of Mirabel, a 15-year-old seeking to fit in with her family throughout the film. Because of her father’s heritage, Beatriz is half-Colombian.
  • The voice cast also features John Leguizamo and Marcia Cecilia Botero, Disney favorite Alan Tudyk and actresses Maluma, Adassa, and Diane Guerrero, and actor Mauro Castillo (who voices the Toucan).
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda, a well-known musician, composed all of the songs for the film. Previous Disney projects include the “Moana” soundtrack and “Mary Poppins Returns” singing.
  • Carlos Vives, a 17-time Grammy® and Latin GRAMMY® winner from Santa Marta, Colombia, sings the film’s original song, “Colombia, Mi Encanto.” “This song celebrates Colombia’s amazing diversity,” adds Vives.
  • It was directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, who previously worked on the Oscar-winning Disney feature “Zootopia.”
  • They traveled to Colombia in 2018 to see the country for themselves. Encantos, or areas of natural wonder with heightened spirituality, spots where emotion-related magic occurs, were discovered by the crew while they were there. This is where the idea for the film’s title was hatched.
  • Disney Animated canon movie “Encanto” is the second to feature a non-English title, following 1942’s “Saludos Amigos” as the first. To enchant, spell, or allure is the meaning of the Spanish term Encanto.
  • Walt Disney Animation’s 60th feature film, “Encanto,” was released in the same year.