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Cari Farver | Incest Turned An Obsessed Boyfriend’s Motive Murder

Cari Farver | Incest Turned An Obsessed Boyfriend’s Motive Murder

Cari Farver | Incest Turned An Obsessed Boyfriend’s Motive Murder: Dave Kroupa watched dozens of SMS from his stalker blow up his mobile phone. “I want to stand out and stare at you, my favorite thing to do,” one message read. This article shows how a stalker can molest a victim.

Cari Farver | Incest Turned An Obsessed Boyfriend’s Motive Murder


Flooded Messages

Many text messages flooded Dave Kroupa’s phone, all from his stalker.

One message from a stalker. He likes to stand outside and stare at her.
Kroupa, 36, was at ease with it. Over a three-year period, he received tens of thousands of texts and emails like this.

At first, the messages show rage and jealousy, but after a while, they turn to threats.

This person wants to stab you with a knife, read the message they sent.

In messages, he writes he will destroy her life and take her happiness,”

Therefore, Kroupa kept changing his phone number, and yet, the messages kept on coming.
When you’ve lost all your personal space, what do you do?
No one had seen Cari Farver, his only two-week girlfriend in Omaha, Nebraska, for a long time.
As her real rival is only discovering many years after the abuse started.
A full-length book writes about this story title with “A Tangled Web.

Incident Summary

Shanna Elizabeth Golyar, a single mother, was dating a long-separated man. Cari Farver, a friend of the couple, advised him to cut the connection. But as she was walking out of his apartment, Farver did not see Goleyar in the hallway. After that, all three of them are forcing to endure “lasting ramifications.” “That felt like hitting the jackpot,” Kroupa comments.

Cari Farver’s mother believes her daughter has depression and bipolar disorder. As she was dating Matthew Kroupa in 2012, and she asked him to move in with her. He is so far for offering Farver to stay with him. He reported receiving many angry text messages from Farver two days later. When her half-wedding brother’s day came and went, Nancy Raney’s mother reported her missing.

“I was confused. I was stunned “He replied. Farver’s mother claims she had bipolar disorder and was taking medication. Farver’s ex-boyfriend claims he received hundreds of harassing texts and emails from her. Farver missed her son’s 15th birthday, Thanksgiving, and her father’s funeral. Her mother said the messages were angry and abusive.

Police state they take missing person reports seriously, no matter the circumstances Therefore sheriff’s office claims that the initial investigation provided insufficient evidence. Cari Farver went missing in January 2012, along with her mother, Max, and ex-boyfriend Max Golyar. Max Kroupa claims that Farver’s ex-boyfriend was also following him. In five months’ time, Max’s mother, Cari Raney,  contacts her to return Max to a homeless shelter.

Investigation Statements

According to investigators met Raney at the shelter, but Farver had never been there. The fingerprint on the mint container did not match anyone in the FBI database. Since Cari Golyar sees her two-and-a-half years ago. Her ex-boyfriend says she sent him a photo of a woman ties up in the trunk of a car. Therefore a new detective squad is assigning to the case.

Another Investigation Crew

Ryan Avis plans to work like she’s dead and she going to work it like she’s alive. Farver’s ex-lover, Cari, heads out on the hunt.  According to Liz Carpenter. Hence, Cari Farver had only communicated using electronic forms of communication. In Kroupa’s phone. Therefore, investigators find a photo of a woman who ties up. They discovered a video recording that showed someone leaving Kroupa’s apartment.

Golyer’s IP addresses are uses for uploading the video, even though it was under Farver’s name. Before law enforcement could, Liz knew where Cari’s vehicle was. Detectives went to speak with Nancy Raney, Cari Farver’s mother, in May of 2015. They believe she says her daughter is missing and something has happened to her. After Farver disappeared in 2012, Raney received a text saying that Farver had sold all her furniture.

A check was signed by Shanna Golyar, the name that Farver was allegedly selling the furniture to. The fingerprint found in Farver’s car is connected to Liz Golyer, the woman who signs the check. Liz Golyar calls 911 the following day, saying she had been shot in the leg. She first claimed she didn’t know who the culprit was, and then she later said she thought it was Flora. Police claimed that Flora was cleared that night.

Detective estimates Golyer spent 40 to 50 hours per week impersonating Cari Farver, who disappeared in 2007. This looks like a full-time job for her, relentlessly stalking people. Investigators say Golyar makes up emails she says she is from “Flora.” They say she is forwarding an email saying she is stabbed Cari Farver “several times.” Therefore facts are bone-chilling because they are gory Investigators say emails provide pieces of evidence that Farver is murder in her car. Investigators said that Liz Golyer claims to not have internet service.

Assault Charges

On December 22, 2016, Liz Golyar arrest and charges with first-degree murder in the death of Cari Farver. This is the most difficult case becuase thousands of deleted images are finding, including one of a human foot with a “mother” tattoo. The tattoo is the Chinese character for “mother,” which is the same one on Farver’s foot. The case is dubb “bizarre” by the prosecutors. Shanna Goylar found guilty of first-degree murder in 2017.

She sentences to life imprisonment. This case is extremely perplexing because of its oddity.