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Carolyn Hax | The Columnist and Writer

Carolyn Hax | The Columnist and Writer

Carolyn Hax | The Columnist and Writer: Carolyn Hax is a columnist and writer of the ‘The Washington Post,’ a major American daily newspaper. She advises a column call ‘Carolyn Hax,’ which was previously known as ‘Tell Me About It’. Carolyn is born and raise in Connecticut and earn a bachelor’s degree in American history. And literature from ‘Harvard University.’ She began working for newspaper companies shortly after graduating.

Carolyn Hax began working for newspaper companies shortly after graduating. She joins ‘The Washington Post’ in the early 1990s. She began writing a regular column for ‘The Washington Post’ in 1997 and gradually gain popularity among readers, amassing a sizable readership. The column is also syndicat in 200 other newspapers across the country by ‘The Washington Post.’

Carolyn Hax | The Columnist and Writer

Carolyn Hax

She has also written essays for some other news outlets. Her ex-husband, Nick Galifianakis, contributed cartoons to the advice columns, and they worked together on them even after they divorced. She currently resides with her husband.

The Column Name Started With 

Tell Me About It” and including Nick Galifianakis’. This cartoon feature lightened the tone of even the most serious concerns of the readers. Her advice not as professional but as a friend wins the hearts of the readers.

Her aim was sorted that the reader should be under 30. The main focus topic of the columns is relationships, love life, family issues, and issue that young people are facing. Then her column is starting to reach almost every start of the society.

As it gains popularity when the column starts printing in ‘Washington Post. ‘ The post’s limit is only 200 copies of bars are there across the country. As of her daily column, she becomes a national celebrity. After all this, she starts writing her book in the early 2000s because of her popularity in columns. Her debut book name ‘tell me about it. ‘

Lying, Sulking, Getting Fat, and 56 Other Things Not to Do While Looking for Love,’ was published in 2001. In addition to columns and books, she contributed to newspapers by writing essays. ‘Peace and Carrots’, one of her most popular essays, It publish in the anthology ‘Mommy Wars: Stay-at-Home and Career.’ Moms argue about their choices, their lives, and their families. In addition, she hosts a weekly web-chat show called ‘Carolyn Hax Live.’ Several hand-picked transcripts from the show are also published in the newspaper. The show, which has been running since 2003, is almost as famous as her newspaper column.


Carolyn Hax began her career as an intern for many publications in the late 1980s. She served as an associate editor and news editor at the ‘Army Times’ in the early years of her career. Hax works as a copy and news editor for ‘The Washington Post’ in the early 1990s. Newspaper advice columns do not take as seriously as other news stories or essays at the time. In 1997, she has fearlessly gone to approach the editor and want to start her column. She didn’t have any formal writing or journalism training. As a result, persuading the editor that she could handle her column is challenging for her. Her editor allowed Carolyn to start her own column, but she chooses to advise a friend, not as a professional. Her column prints two times, and then three times a week.

Washington Post 

The Washington Post is a Washington, D.C.-based daily newspaper. It is the most widely read newspaper in the Washington metropolitan area and it is a large national audience. Daily broadsheet editions are published in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. The newspaper has received 69 Pulitzer Prizes, the second-most of any publication (after The New York Times). The White House News Photographers Association has also awarded 18 Nieman Fellowships and 368 awards to Post journalists. Formalized paraphrase The newspaper is well-known for its political reporting. Also is one of the few American newspapers that still have foreign bureaus.

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