Sunday, November 28, 2021


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New ‘Omicron’ Variant Stokes Concern but Vaccines May Still Work

Scientific experts at the World Health Organization warned on Friday that a new coronavirus variant discovered in southern Africa was a “variant of concern,”...

U.S. to Place Travel Restrictions on South Africa, Other Countries

He said there had been some breakthrough infections among those who had recovered from the Delta variant, and among those who were vaccinated.But at...

British Columbia Flood Victims Come Together In Storm’s Wake

For much of this week, I’ve been traveling through some of the flood-ravaged areas of British Columbia and speaking with people whose lives have...

Malawi defends decision to ask Mike Tyson to be its cannabis ambassador

Malawi legalized the growing and processing of cannabis for medicinal purposes last year, although it stopped short of decriminalizing recreational use.This week, Malawi's agriculture...

Stocks and Oil Drop Amid New Coronavirus Variant

Mr. Lerner said a modest sell-off is hardly unexpected, given the heights at which stocks have been trading. “We are not making any...