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Cook And Culture, Both Are Linked To Our Feeling

Cook And Culture

Cook And Culture, Both Are Linked To Our Feeling: Love can be expressed in many ways. We identify what we can give, share, and enjoy. We discover our love languages and become more fluent in them as we speak and live them.

Food is a universal love language that runs deep in the Black community. It comes from wanting to feed others, spend time together, keep traditions, and be frugal.

While we all feel the effects of racial inequality, from death to food deserts, we all know how to feed everyone.

Cook And Culture, Both Are Linked To Our Feeling

Cook And Culture

Culture Through Food | Cook And Culture

Food is a way of building and protecting culture. Migrants bring with them regional names for ingredients and preparation methods. Black parents teach their kids and grandkids these names and how to cook them.

So Food Becomes A Memory Source

In addition to being on the menu every year, black-eyed peas bring good luck to the household. When that pot is full of black-eyed peas, everyone remembers previous years and who made them.

Similarly, jerk chicken brings back memories of our last trip to Jamaica. When our great-aunt taught us how to make the best potato salad.

My mother asks me to help prepare dinner. Take the frozen chicken out before Mom gets home.

Make potato salad by peeling. Set aside for macaroni pie. Rinse rice. Boiled eggs Shred the kale. Peas in shell Onion dice Meat minced

Elders teach us to prepare. As we age, our responsibilities grow. Get the right meat cuts from the butcher. sanitise the POT WATCH Don’t stop stirring.

Nothing But Love

The memories are endless in the kitchen and around the dining table. When we gather for meals on special occasions, we never know which ones will surface for us or others.

We always know what to cook for special occasions. But the process is where the new generation needs help.

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