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Danessa Myricks | Myricks Accidently Became an Artist

Danessa Myricks | Myricks Accidently Became an Artist

Danessa Myricks | Myricks Accidently Became an Artist: Danessa’s favorite makeup artist, Her color cosmetics, could be found in pro shops when she launched her nameplate brand years ago—and in any artist’s kits to create a “look” (and not just the familiar fresh face).

Danessa Myricks | Myricks Accidently Became an Artist

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All that is Ironic

Considering that Myricks is an accidental makeup artist: it is pretty ironic. When we get back on track, her career began as a sales & marketing director for a firm publishing hair magazine. In the corner, she was the corny girl nerd, and nothing cool or trendy had ever been around her. She often saw maquillage artists coming in for shooting, wondering about their atmosphere and joy and creativity. After several years at work, the magazine owner said the firm was close, and Myricks had 30 days to figure out her next task.

Age Doesn’t Matter

At the time, she was 30, so she didn’t seem like anything or anything out of school.” But Myricks saw that after a moment of reflection – and a minor freak-out about what she would do next – she had the chance of following her passion. This passion was (and is still!) maquillage. Remember that time. She wanted to wake up and be passionate about what she’s doing every day. Liberty has always been something in front of me that carrot — just having free time and lifestyle.

So, Myricks did what every nerd did — she hit the books to learn everything about makeup art. The connections of her former employer would finally lead her to some of her first (unpaid) shows, which soon become paid, and then become master-classes, leading her to start her brand.

Some of Her First Makeup Performances

It was about working for free when she first began. She honestly failed to pay because she had to be experienced for almost one year. And fortunately, the magazine used to shoot two photographers who knew me to be one of the people. They knew she was a great employee and gave her a chance. Fortunately, people allowed me to touch them over time, and they learned.

Eric Van Lockhart, one of those photographers, shot all the hair campaigns of the Black haircare brands. He did all these things and the perm boxes. For a job in Luster Products, he recommended me. And though when she arrived, After doing this job, Myricks felt more confident.

Interestingly, she’s come because looking back, and she must feel like it “come” just one step away from what would be a big trip.
It’s so surreal that sometimes she can’t even handle it. If only people knew everything.

How Danessa Myricks Describes Her Aesthetic Makeup?

Over the years, it has changed so much. For all of us, it’s the way she thinks it’s if it’s trying to figure out who the people think are the best when they start in the industry. Then he aspires to be this person. It all was Sam Fine and Kevyn Aucoin when she began, and so she was; she had to make it like this.

She didn’t, but that was her aspiration in the beginning. So she made makeup much heavier. At that time, it was about making the makeup appear flawless, and that was not re-touching then. So it was, she must look out of the gate ideally.

There is the crucial thing about Myricks that their job was that when she looked at their finished work, she felt something. It emotionally moved us. She wanted the work to be handled by people. That’s because it makes it different, and over the years, it has always driven her to work in her artistic profession and develop her style. It’s not good enough if they don’t feel it.

Myricks style and aesthetic evolved as she grew up in the industry and was more exposed. And she is talking about complete freedom now. It’s either wrong or right. She would like people to do what they want to do, but make them feel easy and represent who they are.

Her Brand And How She Started

Myricks on her voyage, how she created her brand, and the difficulties she continues to face as a brand owner – those her architecture is happy to endure.

Danessa Myricks Accidently became an artist. For many other brands, she had been developing. It is one of the proudest that the director of product innovation with Benefit Cosmetics. She sets the brow collection that launches in 2016, and In her experience, there is always seem limit to what she could create with them, but with all the brands she is consulting. For somebody else’s vision, she was always making.

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