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Danny Greene, The Notorious Midwest Criminal


Danny Greene, The Notorious Midwest Criminal: Danny Greene, The Irishman,” was a member of a family of Irish immigrants. In his quest for power, he even went up against the entire Mafia.

Danny Greene, The Notorious Midwest Criminal

Danny Greene

When And Where Did Danny Greene Grow Up?

As a young adult, Danny Greene, in addition to being a mob strongman, started his own loan-sharking, gambling, and racketeering business.

Other organised crime figures viewed him as a rival. Many people believe that Greene was an FBI informant.

Which would explain why he got off so lightly when it came to criminal prosecution for his crimes. In 1977, he passed away in Lyndhurst, Ohio.


In Cleveland, Ohio on November 14, 1933, a young man named Daniel John Patrick Greene was born. Danny Greene, aka “The Irishman,” had a rough start in life.

Only days after his birth, his mother died, and his father was unable to care for him. Greene was raised by nuns in an orphanage during his formative years.

After dropping out of high school, Greene joined the United States Marine Corps and served for a short time. A longshoreman job on the Cleveland docks was his next job.

Greene rose through the ranks as a union activist and eventually to the position of union president.

Irish pride drove him to repaint the union office green and don green clothing whenever possible.

History Of Offenses

However, Greene’s reign as leader was short-lived. After it is discover that he has embezzling funds, he was forced to resign. Even though Greene was put on trial.

He only had to pay a fine of $10,000. Shortly after, he found work as an enforcer for Jewish mobster Alex “Shondor” Birns, on the other side of the law.

Along with his role as a mafia enforcer, Greene founded his own loan sharking, gambling, and racketeering organisation.

Due to his attempts to expand into other organised crime figures’ territories, including Birns.

He was viewed as a threat. While Birns was incarcerated, Greene reportedly took over some of Birns’ operations and teamed up with Teamster official John Nardi.

Greene’s unique ability to avoid serious prosecution for his crimes could be explained by his work as an FBI informant, according to some reports.

Life Is In Danger Of Being Taken From You

Greene was the target of numerous assassination attempts, one of which involved detonating a bomb in the building where he lived.

He and his girlfriend made it out of the rubble alive after the explosion. In 1971, while Greene was out running with his dogs, an assailant attempted to shoot him.

Greene shot and killed his would-be assassin with a gun he had in his possession. He is trying for manslaughter but found not guilty.

Greene credited the fact that he had survived the assassinations to the “the good fortune of the Irish

Cleveland’s turf war continued to rage, but Greene may have beaten some of his rivals to the punch. In March 1975, after leaving a Cleveland church with an old friend.

Birns was killed by a bomb that went off as he got into his car. On October 6, 1977, in Lyndhurst, Ohio, a car bomb would kill Greene, in an ironic twist.


The murder of Greene served as a catalyst for a statewide anti-crime campaign, and 22 people were convicted in connection with his death. Rick Porrello’s 1998 book To Kill the Irishman.

The War That Crippled the Mafia, which is based on his life, is one of many books inspired by him. In 2011, Ray Stevenson starred as Greene.

Christopher Walken starred as Birns, and Vincent D’Onofrio starred as Nardi in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Kill the Irishman.

Life In The Private Sector

Greene had five children from his first marriage and his second. Danny Kelly, his eldest son, once described him as “true explorers at heart. If he hadn’t chosen the other route, he might have been elected governor or senator.

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