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Different Types of Nose jewellery you Must know About

Different Types of Nose jewellery you Must know About

If you’ve seen the legendary yet horrifying Payback scene (trigger warning), you might be wary about obtaining a nose ring. Fortunately, Mel Gibson keeps his drama to the silver screen, and nose rings come in a variety of forms, so you may choose a somewhat less frightening version for your nasal jewelry. That was, of course, a nasal hoop rather than a nose stud.

Septum rings are also a type of nose piercing, but we’re ahead of them now. Before we go into the most prevalent forms of nose rings, we need to learn about piercings and jewelry hygiene. You have the option of piercing your nostril, septum, or bridge.

Depending on the location, each piercing need a particular sort of nose ring.

Of course, if your septum is deviated, you should avoid having it pierced, so double-check! Depending on where you have gone, how it is done, and who did your piercing, the time of recovery period for nose rings might change and range from 8 weeks to 8 months. You’ll have to wear the original nose ring until you’re completely healed, at which point you can change your jewelry. 

Depending on where you look and who you ask, nose rings can be classified into five or even fifty-five categories! Consider the thickness of your nose ring, which can range from thin 22-gauge to heavier 18-gauge. Length is also important since a nose ring with a longer stem is required if your nasal membrane is thicker. Consider the location of your piercing as well:

Third eye piercing consists of a vertical double piercing between your eyes.

Bridge piercing – a horizontal twin piercing behind the third eye, ‘where your nose begins.’

Nasallang is a horizontal twin piercing on the top of the nose.

Septum – a single horizontal puncture in the skin that separates your two nostrils.

Septril – a single piercing near the septum’s apex.

Rhino piercing is a vertical double piercing at the tip of your nose, just above the septril.

Nose piercing is a single piercing on your mid-lower nostril.

High nostril piercing – a single piercing on your top nose near the bridge.

Austin – a twin horizontal piercing near the tip of your lower nose.

If you want to add a gemstone, it can be placed with prongs or a bezel. Because prongs might grab your hair and clothing, some customers are leery of them. However, because bezels let less light to enter through them, they are not as dazzling. Let’s take a look at the most popular gold nose ring design styles and how they can fit you.

Twist / Corkscrew / Nostril Screw

The top of this nose ring commonly has a beat, and the stem is seen straight,  the bottom is a c-shaped hook. The hook is flat against the inside roof of your nose once you coil it into your nostril. The hook’s point occasionally pokes out your nostril, especially after sneezing or sweating.

L-Post / L-Shaped

This design is similar to corkscrews, except that instead of curling and hooking at the tip, the stem bends at 90°. The popular L-section, one like the corkscrew, usually rests on the top inner roof of the nose. It’s less fussy without the hook, but it’s not as tight as hurting and may pinch on thicker nasal membranes. It does, however, appear on occasion. It is appropriate for nose and high nostril positions.


Both ends of the stem of this style of nose ring are flat, and one part screws off. So you’ll enter the nose ring from the inside of your nostril and screw on the top component from the outside. There is a possible hygiene issue since dirt can get caught between the screw’s threads. It looks best on high nose and ordinary nostril piercings and may be rather complex on top.Do check out gold nose rings price before you buy.