Home Health Discharge Before Period, A Colour Guide For You

Discharge Before Period, A Colour Guide For You

Discharge Before Period, A Colour Guide For You

Discharge Before Period, A Colour Guide For You: Many women are unsure if the colour or nature of their vaginal discharge is normal or if they should seek medical attention for it. Colorful vaginal discharge indicates a healthy body.

Discharge Before Period, A Colour Guide For You

Discharge Before Period

Vaginal Discharge Is What?

The vagina and cervix are filled with small glands that produce vaginal discharge. The vagina and reproductive tract are kept clean and healthy by the daily leakage of this fluid.

Dischrges According To Color


It’s possible to find reds that range from bright to a deep, rusty hue. Bleeding during a period is the most prevalent cause of red discharge.

A woman’s menstrual cycle occurs on average every 28 days, though this ranges from 21 to 35 days in most cases. Every 3–5 days or so, a woman has a period.


Cream and pale yellow shades of white are also acceptable shades of white. White discharge is an indication of normal lubrication in the body if there are no other symptoms.

It is possible to have an infection when the white discharge has a texture similar to cottage cheese or an overpowering odour. A medical professional should take consultation.

An itchy or irritate skin rash may cause by a yeast infection that is producing a white, thick, strong-smelling discharge.


There may be nothing wrong with the discharge if the colour is only a tad bit yellowish. This is especially true if the change in colour only occurs as a result of a dietary or supplementation adjustment.

Bacterial or sexually transmitted infections are frequently indicated by a deeper yellow discharge, yellowish-green, or greenish discharge.

If your vaginal discharge is thick or clumpy, or if it has a bad odour, you should see a doctor very once.


Discharge might range from a mild pink to a considerably darker shade. In most cases, there is a small amount of blood in it.

Premenstrual syndrome is marked by the presence of a pink discharge. Aside from that, it can also be an indicator of early pregnancy implantation bleeding.

Ovulation can generate light pink discharge in certain women, and this can be caused by a small amount of spotting.

Discharge after sex might be pink if there have been minor rips or inflammation in the vagina or cervix.


Clear or whitish vaginal discharge is the most common type of discharge. It can be slick or fluffy like egg whites, depending on the manufacturer’s preference.

At these times, women are more likely to experience a clear, slushy discharge, which is also common during pregnancy.


Gray vaginal discharge is a sign of bacterial vaginosis, a common bacterial infection (BV).

Other vaginal symptoms are also common, such as:

  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Aroma that is overpowering
  • inflammation of the vaginal ducts (or vulva)

Those who are experiencing grey discharge should seek immediate medical attention. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to treat BV after a diagnosis.

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