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Does Bruno Mars Is Gay, Is It Real Or Not

Does Bruno Mars Is Gay

Does Bruno Mars Is Gay, Is It Real Or Not: Brunomars us published an article by Ndoro Alisan titled “The Rumor Come Out: Does Bruno Mars is Gay?” in 2014.

Does Bruno Mars Is Gay, Is It Real Or Not

Does Bruno Mars Is Gay

The Opening Line Of The Essay Reads As Follows

It is only few years ago that the homosexuality of Bruno Mars was widely publicised.

In spite of the fact that it happen in 2012, some members of the public are still curious about what is going on and why there is talk about him being gay.

At that point, he became the subject of a widespread rumour on social media. The general public, in particular his ardent admirers, are in disbelief.

He’s only recently spread his malicious rumour, and it’s already gone viral. It’s not about his music career this time, it’s about the slander he’s been subjected to.

According to the most recent reports, this singer revealed he was homosexual. The rumour is not a standard hoax.

Do you still believe it or not? This rumour has been widely circulated, even among some of his most ardent supporters.


The article had gone virtually unnoticed until the Game Grumps brought it up in a Let’s Play of The Legend of Zelda which The Ocarina of Time episode on May 17th, 2016.

The video has over 515,000 views as of August 8th, 2016. Another day, a screenshot of the first paragraph of the novel appeared on the social media site Onsizzle.

As a result, the article went viral on Reddit, where it received a whopping 190 points and 96 percent upvotes in the /r/titlegore and /r/engrish subreddits, respectively.

Hence facebook created a page dedicated to the article and memes that surrounded it on July 18th, 2016, and the page quickly grew to over 2,000 likes.

ToriDomi created an animated video about the article on August 4th. Which was posted by Game Grumps and received nearly 900,000 views in four days, catapulting the phrase’s fame.

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