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Everything You Need to Know About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Everything You Need to Know About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Are you planning to experience hyperbaric oxygen therapy? This hbot therapy is a well-known treatment for a variety of critical conditions such as decompression sickness, radiation injury, blood vessel bubbles, and so on. Of course, you are aware of your disease and follow the doctor’s advice in seeking therapy. No doubt, the therapy is totally safe but going into it without knowing what to expect can make the process terrifying. Knowing the basic things about it makes you feel much better and more secure. We’re here to provide vital information about HBOT.

What is HBOT?

Let’s start with a definition of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. When a patient chooses an HBOT, he or she is treated with excess oxygen. The oxygen level is increased two to three times more than the normal air pressure. This allows a patient’s lungs to breathe in a high amount of pure oxygen that would not have been available under normal air pressure. When the oxygen level in the blood is boosted and transmitted throughout the body, it aids speeds up the healing process and stimulation of stem cell production. Let’s look at what happens in the whole process!

What Happens in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

You’ve received your prescription and are now ready to begin hyperbaric oxygen therapy. You’ve run through hundreds of scenarios in your mind about what is going to be like, what will happen to you, and how it will feel.  Rather than imagining, keep on reading this article. Before entering the therapy room, your health care staff will first give you some basic instructions. Although it is usually an outpatient treatment, you may be admitted to the hospital. You will be forced to lay down in a hyperbaric oxygen room. The process then starts, and oxygen levels in the air begin to rise. Throughout the procedure, your healthcare team is by your side. There are various benefits of taking HBOT for your body that is enlisted as:

Benefits of HBOT

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in The UK is used to treat various serious health issues such as:

  • Burns
  • Crushing injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  •  Severe anemia
  • Infection in skin or bone
  •  Sudden vision loss
  • Air bubbles in blood vessels
  • Brain abscess
  • Gangrene

Anything which involves tissue repairing is included in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It provides an adequte amount of oxygen to heal the injured tissues. In addition, by taking repeated scheduled appointments you will be able to get rid of such diseases fastly. 

What is The Experience After Taking HBOT?

When a sitting is completed, you should feel light and tired.  Although you can experience some pressure in your ears these symptoms will pass in a short period of time.

Precautions That You Have to Taken While HBOT

It is better to take advice from a doctor before getting therapy. As you read above the therapy is completely safe but you can face some issues if you do not take precautions. In order to get a better result, you have to consider a few things such as people with lung issues are not guided for HBOT. Moreover, you also have to avoid HBOT if you are suffering from fever, cough, and cold. 


May this guide about HBOT is helpful for you. If you take HBOT for the first time then this post gives you all the relevant information about this process.