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Facebook Censorship | Social Platform Block Pro-Palestinian Activists  

Facebook Censorship | Social Platform Block Pro-Palestinian Activists   

Facebook Censorship | Social Platform Block Pro-Palestinian Activists: Facebook and Twitter, the world’s largest social media platforms, blocked or restricted millions of pro-Palestinian posts. Also, the accounts related to the Israel-Palestine conflict, blaming it on flaws in their artificial intelligence software. According to The Washington Post, Twitter’s service temporarily blocked pro-Palestine. The users, after incorrectly identifying numerous tweets posted by them as spam.
Similarly, Instagram, which owns by Facebook, stated that its software for detecting hate speech on the platform incorrectly identified a key. The hashtag as belonging to a terrorist group. The company also said that its platform had a bug that temporarily disabled video-sharing.

Facebook Censorship | Social Platform Block Pro-Palestinian Activists

Facebook Censoring

According to free speech and technology experts, the roots of this issue link to a more significant problem. The software algorithms design to protect but instead being used to suppress the voices of marginalized communities. It is those who rely on social media to gain support. They have complained that the AI software of social media platforms regularly flags posts that discuss race.

According to Facebook and Twitter, the problems with the pro-Palestinian posts were quickly resolving, and the accounts restore. However, some activists claim that many bars and charges are still restricted.

Journalist Whose Account Is Suspend

Mariam Barghouti, a Palestinian-American Journalist, had her Twitter account suspended for violating the platform’s policies while covering a protest. She later shared her experience on Instagram. The company’s spokeswoman acknowledges the mistake and states that her account later restores. However, according to 7amleh, the Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media, 170 Instagram posts and five Twitter posts that mistakenly remove are still missing from the platforms. According to a reported issue by the group in late May, the companies are still reviewing the remaining positions. To deal with Facebook’s public relations crisis, CEO Mark Zuckerberg dispatched Nick Clegg. To meet the Israeli and Palestinian leaders, the company’s top policy executive.

Another way Palestinian content removes from social media was through “armies of trolls and applications called Act. IL that organized people to report massively,” he added Act.IL bills itself as “the place where all pro-Israeli advocates, communities, and organizations come together. They fight back against the demonization and delegitimization of the Jewish state. Users can remove inciting social media content. As fight antisemitism and anti-Zionism influence the online narrative regarding Israel. They participate in unique pro-Israel campaigns and efforts, according to the app. Palestinians are also silent on social media, with platforms using Artificial Intelligence. To identify what content violates their user guidelines.

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