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Fertility Doctor | DNA Tests Reveal Instances of “Fertility Fraud”

Fertility Doctor | DNA Tests Reveal Instances of “Fertility Fraud”

Fertility Doctor | DNA Tests Reveal Instances Of “Fertility Fraud”: Roberta Voss’s announcement about the results of the 23andMe genetic test stunned Bianca Voss. The doctor who artificially inseminated Voss in 1983 and allowed her to give birth to Roberta used his own semen.

Fertility Doctor | DNA Tests Reveal Instances Of “Fertility Fraud”

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In a late May news conference to announce a federal lawsuit, Voss said, “I am angry that I am violating in this manner.” “It’s like I asked the world’s worst criminal and the immorality-ridden doctor to mutilate me.”

She, too, was angry. Greenberg messages Roberta Voss through his 23andMe account, but he receives no response. “He knew he was caught, and he was trying to cover it up,” she told USA TODAY.

Bianca Voss is just the latest in dozens of women who allege they were the victims of sperm donors in which they place their trust. So they found out about the frauds in the last few decades when their children did home DNA tests.

Hence, Parents, children, and legislators are increasingly fighting against each other. For what they claimed were fraudulent inseminations decades ago, families have sued former doctors. In six states, laws against so-called fertility fraud are enacted and other states take similar statutes into account.

The more tough oversight of what he called a lightly regulated fertility sector. That is overdue by one of the lawyers representing Bianca Voss.

The lawyer Adam Wolf, a national law company shareholder of Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway, said: “In most states and at the federal level, it’s a wild west.” It forecast further cases of fertility fraud.


What triggered the alleged doctor’s actions is unknown. There appear to be common characteristics among doctors who accuse, such as their appreciation of their status among the best in their field. However, motivations are poor to understand.

A few states have statutes that are relevant, policing fertility fraud has proven difficult.

Fertility clinics cannot help the children who learn that their biological father is their mother’s fertility doctor.

Medication  For Females Wish For Mothers

Artificial insemination is a treatment for women who have had difficulty conceiving It entails implanting donor sperm into the cervix or, in some cases, directly into the uterus of a woman. The procedure may perform by an obstetrician or gynecologist who has receives additional training in reproductive endocrinology or fertility medicine.

The procedure gained popularity in the 1970s in the United States, when commercial sperm banks accepted donor sperm, frozen it, and made it available to doctors treating fertility problems.

The findings of a federal criminal investigation confirmed the claims and revealed that Jacobson had also used his semen to inseminate patients. According to prosecutors, DNA tests confirm that Jacobson was the biological father of all 15 of the children whose DNA test as part of the investigation, as reported by The New York Times in 1992 when Jacobson convicts of 52 counts of fraud and perjury.

In October, Jacobson sentenced to five years in prison. As a result, he is ordering to pay $116,000 in fines and restitution to former patients.

Incidents And litigation Spring Up

Brennan Jones is due in court in April of 2022 on charges of using his semen to inseminate some of his patients. Cheryl Emmons and her husband, John Emmons, claim that Jones used the procedure to bear the couple’s two daughters.

In-home DNA tests are uses to uncover the deceit. Hence Jones has denied the claims. Forgiving himself, he voluntarily surrendered his medical license in November 2019. Jones ignored a text message requesting a comment.

Therefore an out-of-court settlement in Idaho appears to have ended a civil lawsuit against retired gynecologist Gerald Mortimer. Ashby and Fowler have sued Mortimer, alleging that he used his own semen to impregnate Ashby.

Mortimer was Rowlette’s biological father after taking a DNA test. As in sworn 2018 testimony, Mortimer acknowledged using his semen to inseminate patients. It was not something I did for a lot of patients. … I’m sorry I did.