Home Health First Aid Rules | Did You Know Golden Rules About First Aid?

First Aid Rules | Did You Know Golden Rules About First Aid?

First Aid Rules

First Aid Rules | Did You Know Golden Rules About First Aid?: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about golden rules of first aid. May this information helps you.

In every home, the first-aid kit is a fundamental requirement as these kits help you treat minor cuts and injuries and prevent significant risks or infections.

The equipment for first-aid consists of plasters in different sizes, cotton, sterile gauze, bandage, crepe, pins, sterile gloves, and pinion pins.

First Aid Rules | Did You Know Golden Rules About First Aid?

First Aid Rules


Remember always the initials you have to follow in a situation of first aid. They represent airways, respiration, and circulation. If a person is not aware, keep the airway open, which gives a lot of air and circulation.

Preventing Bleeding

Someone may bleed a lot from a minor or major injury. In this situation, the area affected should be under slight pressure. To absorb bleeding, apply pressure with a cloth or cotton. Keep on with the damaged part until it stops bleeding.


Hold the are that mostly affect under cold water for minor brushes or use a cool, wet compress until the pain is relieve.


The usefulness of first-aid therapy is an ice pack. Gather in a plastic bag a few cubes from the freezer. Although it is a wrist or ankle sprain, apply specific ice cubes to the area affected. Refer to specialized care if this does not reduce swelling.


A human is drained and dehydrated quickly from severe diarrhea. The body is losing fluid, so rehydrating them is the primary goal. ORS and an adequate fluid diet are provided.


If a fall injury results in trauma, the patient may still be positioned without head movement until adequate health care is provided.


Make sure the person you help is comfortable. Try to calm down so that you can stay peaceful.

Compression Of Chest Rule

High-class chest compressions are the most critical component of CPR. If you do not want to breathe rescue, do not. Instead, do continuous chest compression until additional medical assistance is available.

Materials For First Aid

Stock up on supplies of first aid. Bandages, gazebos, cotton wool, thermometer, and antacids are the fundamental things you need.

Seek Assistance

First aid should not be seen as definitive medical treatment. Always seek medical help after the initial assistance.

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