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Flight Of The Navigator Ship, Disney Is Planning To Reimagine It

Flight Of The Navigator Ship

Flight Of The Navigator Ship, Disney Is Planning To Reimagine It: Disney plans to reimagine the 1986 sci-fi adventure film “Flight of the Navigator” as a female-led project with Bryce Dallas Howard as director.

Flight Of The Navigator Ship, Disney Is Planning To Reimagine It

Flight Of The Navigator Ship

About Movie

When David (Joey Cramer), a 12-year-old boy, goes missing in 1978, he shows up again in 1986. There is no sign of him having aged in the eight years since he left, but authorities find an alien spacecraft (a Trimaxion drone ship) imprisoned in power lines nearby when he returns.

The theory of special relativity is develop by Albert Einstein. To get to Phaelon and back, David had to travel “4.4 solar hours,” but it took eight years on Earth, indicating that time had slowed down for him by a factor of about 16,000, or 99.9999998 percent the speed of light.)

A computer/robot pilot for the spacecraft named Max has been reunited with his former partner David. Who’s drawn to the spacecraft because they’re both being held in a secret NASA facility.

Along with Veronica Cartwright and Howard Hesseman, who appeared in just about every 80s TV show and movie. The film featured Paul Reubens (best known for “Pee-Big Wee’s Adventure”) as Max’s voice.

Dollas Howard Receive Critical Acclaim

In addition to her roles in “Terminator Salvation,” “Jurassic World,” and “Jurassic World II,” Dallas Howard has receive critical acclaim for her work on “Black Mirror,” where she played Mrs. Conner in the episode “Nosedive” (S03, E01).

A career in film and television is in the cards for her, too. She has directed two episodes of “The Mandalorian,” the weakest of which was the first season’s “Sanctuary” (S01, E04).

The second season’s “The Heiress” was her best work (S02, E03). So, it appears as though she is honing her skills.

Ownership Returns To Disney

In 2009, Disney attempted to reimagine the title, with Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly contributing to the script.

Lionsgate had a go at developing a film version with “Lucifer” showrunner Joe Henderson. But that, too, failed to take off, and now the property has returned to Disney’s ownership.

If you enjoyed the original film, Lisa Downs’ excellent documentary “Life After The Navigator,”. Which she also produced along with “Life After Flash,” is a must-see for fans.

Throughout both films, Downs goes in search of and speaks with members of the cast. Who talked about the process of making the film and the stories they tell are often quite surprising.

Also, Taika Waititi’s live-action Flash Gordon film is now reportedly going to be animated, and we still have hopes for Buck Rogers. As every studio continues to scramble for every scrap of sci-fi IP.

This news follows the latest announcement that Disney will reboot another fan favourite. “The Rocketeer.” And may it continue as long as science fiction proves to be the best entertainment genre.

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