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Ghani Baba, Messed And Screwed Up Everything

Ghani Baba, Messed And Screwed Up Everything

Ghani Baba, Messed And Screwed Up Everything: In a now-deleted tweet, the Afghan embassy in New Delhi, India, slammed President Ashraf Ghani for fleeing the country. However, it has since been removed from the social media site. Ghani Baba fled with his crooks. He screwed and meesed everything up. We are all ashamed.

Ghani Baba, Messed And Screwed Up Everything

Ghani Baba


Please accept our sincere apologies for assisting the wanted man. The traitor will be punished by Allah. Also may Allah have mercy on him. His legacy will be a blemish on our past.

Hence on Sunday, there were reports that Ghani had fled the country as the Taliban closed in on Kabul. The capital city, and took control. The embassy responded to those reports.

The Afghan embassy in India’s press secretary, Abdulhaq Azad, later admitted that the account had been hacked. He said he couldn’t get into the account because he didn’t know how.

Hence it was a peaceful Monday in Kabul after the Taliban stormed the presidential palace and declared the Afghan war over.

As a result of the Taliban’s suspicions about their allegiance to the West and Ghani’s government, thousands of Afghans attempted to flee the country through Kabul Airport.

Taliban Takeover

The Taliban had taken over Kabul, and Ghani had posted on Facebook. That he had decided to leave his country in order to avoid more bloodshed.

Hence for him to stay in Kabul would have meant the death of “countless patriots” and the destruction of the city itself. Tolo News, an Afghan television network, reported that President Ashraf Ghani had fled to Tajikistan.

The Taliban have triumphed with their swords and guns, and they are now responsible for the honour, property, and self-preservation of their countrymen.

Westren Countries

The United States and other Western countries were also scrambling to evacuate diplomats, embassy workers, and citizens stranded in Kabul.

The US even sent 1,000 more troops back into the country to guard the military side of the airport and assist with the evacuations.

U.S. ambassador Ned Price said on Monday that the embassy in Afghanistan is fully evacuate. And that the American flag has take down.

Statement From Taliban

An anonymous Taliban leader told Reuters on Monday that the Taliban fighters are regrouping from different regions. And will wait until foreign forces have left before creating a new government.

The leader said that Taliban militants had been “ordered to allow Afghans to resume daily activities and do nothing to scare civilians and added that normal life will continue in a much better way.

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