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Hisoka Faces, Facts You Should Know

Hisoka Faces, Facts You Should Know

Hisoka Faces, Facts You Should Know: One of the most bizarre characters in Hunter x Hunter is Hisoka Morow. Here are a few things about him that many people don’t know.

Hisoka Faces, Facts You Should Know

Hisoka Faces

Even Though Hisoka Is A Foe, He Is Not Completely Evil

Some consider Hisoka to be evil because of her role as a major antagonist in the overall plot. There’s no doubt he’s taken the lives of those he deemed unimportant. Even so, Hisoka has never harmed anyone out of spite.

The Anime’s Depiction Of Hisoka’s Hair Colour Is Inconsistent From Episode To Episode.

In many ways, the 1999 version of Hunter x Hunter is distinct from the 2011 version. Hisoka’s appearance, like that of every other character. It is quite diverse, even down to the colour of his hair. However, Hisoka’s hair was always shown to be blue in the 1999 version of the anime

Hisoka Has Used Nearly All Of The Nen Types That Have Been Available To Him

Whenever Hisoka uses his aura for abilities like Bungee Gum, his primary Nen type, Transmutation, is on display. Hisoka is able to use other Nen. Such as Conjuration, in Texture Surprise, in addition to Transmutation.

Only Killua Is Better Than Him (In Terms Of Clothing)

As well as having many different skills, Hisoka also has a wide variety of clothing. Magician’s appearance changes at the beginning of each storey arc. But only the most observant fans are aware of this fact.

Pariston Hill’s Japanese Voice Has A Familiar Sound To It

It has nothing to do with Hunter x Hunter storyline. But Hisoka and Pariston Hill do share one thing in common. Clown voice actor Hiroki Takahashi reprised his role in the 2011 film as Pariston Hill. Who was originally voiced by Takahashi in the 1999 series.

In The Manga, His Fascination With Machi Is More Overt

After his battle with Kastro, Hisoka invited Phantom Troupe member Machi to dinner. Many viewers were taken aback. Wondering who this mysterious woman was. And why the magician seemed to have such a soft spot for her.

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