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How Do Military Recruiters Get Paid

How Do Military Recruiters Get Paid

How Do Military Recruiters Get Paid: If it weren’t for the benefits, fewer people would join the armed forces of the United States. Few civilian jobs place such demands on their employees as military service does: rigorous training. A multiyear commitment that cannot be broken. Frequent relocations, and the possibility of serious injury or death.

How Do Military Recruiters Get Paid

How Do Military Recruiters Get Paid

Military Compensation, Base Pay

Based on whether you’re an enlisted soldier or an officer (which requires a four-year college degree), your rank. Also number of years you’ve served, your base pay in the military is determined.

Every branch has the same amount, and it’s deductible. As a salary employee, you are not eligible for overtime compensation.

Even a level E-1 enlisted recruit can expect to earn $1,650 per month in 2021. That is the average starting salary for most people. The lowest-ranking commissioned officer receives a base salary of nearly $3,400.

Commissioned officers earn more than their enlisted counterparts. As they have a college degree and have undergone officer training.

Pay Of Military: Allowances, Bonuses, And Other Perks

Base pay is only one component of a service member’s total compensation. So don’t be too critical of it. In addition to salary, there are other forms of compensation you can receive.


Military allowances are non-taxable forms of compensation that cover housing, uniforms, and meals that are not directly provided by the military.

Pay With Perks And Bonuses

Unwanted, riskier, or more specialised work receives additional remuneration in the form of special and incentive pay.

It could imply working in the air force or on a submarine. Another option is to serve in a location where the standard of living is low (hardship duty pay). In the event that a service member is subject to hostile fire or is in imminent danger. They are entitle to hostile fire pay and imminent danger pay.


In order to encourage people to join the military and extend their service. The military offers a variety of incentives.

Up to $7,000 in bonus money is yours. If you report to basic training within seven weeks of signing your agreement.

Enlistment Bonus, Earning an enlistment bonus is possible if you select and qualify for a military occupational specialty in high demand. Up to $15,000 is available to Army Human Intelligence Collectors who sign on the dotted line.

Insurance, Retirement, And More, Military Benefits

There are many advantages to serving in the military on a full-time basis, which few civilian jobs can match.


In order to receive health insurance, active-duty service members must enrol in TRICARE Prime, a health maintenance organisation (HMO)-style plan with no premiums or deductibles but with low copayments.


Those who have serve in military for at least 20 years will be eligible for an annuity under the Blended Retirement System.


Another perk of military service is the opportunity to earn a college degree without incurring student loan debt.

To Sum It Up

Instead of waiting until you’ve offer a job to learn about compensation and benefits, the military lets you know up front what you can expect throughout your career before ever speaking to a recruiter. Service members make tremendous sacrifices, so it’s only natural that the military would want to highlight the benefits they can look forward to in return.

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