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How to Promote Events


The world has finally started to move forward from Covid; and it appears that 2022 could be an exciting and busy period for the events industry. With thousands of events having been on hold for so long, people couldn’t be more eager to get out and socialize, meet new people and go on dates. Young people in particular – a sizeable demographic for the events industry – have spent the last two years stuck inside, and are likely to begin attending concerts, social events, singles events and many others, in large numbers as soon as they have the opportunity to do so.

While last year was not a good year for hospitality and events industry, we could be on the verge of unprecedented demand for events. Event organizers now have a great opportunity to promote events to a large and eager audience.

In events, size matters – size of audience that is. Greater the number of event attendees, better the result for event organizers. There will likely be huge demand for all sorts of events – Business events, Social events, Trips/Travel, Family friendly events, etc. After missing out on earnings over the last few years, event organizers will want to maximize their revenues by putting on some great events. Demand for event tickets will likely outstrip supply, and organizers will require extra planning, particularly for popular events.

Social Media for Events

For more than a decade, social media has been a vital tool for event promoters and event planners. However, it’s even more important now. People’s screen-time has risen during the pandemic, and they are using social media more often than before. After 18 months of scrolling news and memes on their social feeds, people will be happy to find events they can physically attend. Using a blend of paid and organic social media, along with online advertising to promote your events, will likely be the approach followed by many event oragnizers.

Events Promotion

There are many different types of advertising event planners can use, from printed posters and flyers to web digital ads. Whichever methods you decide to use, the most important thing is to make sure your ads will be seen by the right people. If you’re going down the traditional route this means putting up posters, handing flyers outdoors or at venues that are typically associated with the type of event you are organizing. With online event advertising, targeting the right audience becomes more feasible. If you want to advertise events, paid events web sites can deliver good results. All methods are fine – as long as the intended event attendees are seeing your ads; and then you will likely achieve success.

Events Websites Which Can Promote Events

There are several events websites, but many focus only on selling event tickets. Some online portals such as Jorlio offer highly targeted event promotion services.