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Indigenous Genocide | Canada’s Unwillingness Acknowledge Genocide

Indigenous Genocide | Canada’s Unwillingness Acknowledge Genocide

Indigenous Genocide | Canada’s Unwillingness Acknowledge Genocide: The Canadian Parliament is on the cutting edge of genocide recognition and human rights at times.
The House of Commons passes a non-binding motion earlier this year to condemn China’s treatment of Muslim Uyghurs as genocide. It was a principled and courageous stance, and Canada was only the world’s second country to take it.

Indigenous Genocide | Canada’s Unwillingness Acknowledge Genocide



Evidence should gather which documents how child Uyghurs forcibly separate from their parents and put into orphanages and boarding schools.

Also, children deprive of the opportunity to practice their Uyghur culture. There are sometimes given Han names, and are sometimes subject adopt by Han ethnic families,” according to the report. According to the report, their force removal is being done with the intent of “eliminating the Uyghur population as an ethnic group.”

Residential School Disgraceful History

What churches and governments in Canada do Indigenous children are sending to Indian Residential Schools are similarly describe.

Is this not biassed, if Canada recognises the Uyghurs. Recently, a radar expert on ground penetration found remains of 215 Indian children in the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation of British Columbia Who attended the Indian School in Kamloops Furthermore, Canada recognises the genocide of 7 other crimes: Holocaust in the Second World War, the Armenian genocide, Holodomor, genocide in Ukraine and the mass murder of the Rohingya people in Burma and the murder of the Srebrenica people. The genocide of the people of Myanmar. .

Infringement Of UN Law

Many have called for Parliament to recognize the Indian Residential Schools as a violation of the UN Genocide Convention, particularly Article 2e, which forbids “forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

the federal government recognizes that the residential school system in which forcing children transferring from one racial group to another only for destroying the group Because of this, in November of 2011, Atleo and Bellegarde both talked about genocide.

Hence Truth and Reconciliation Commission has revealed the existence of government plans, laws, actions, and legacies of genocide.

Escapable Deaths

However, these 215 graves prove that death was an inevitability for those in the Indian Residential School system. We have now started gathering evidence of mass deaths in the schools.

In 2016, MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette introduced C-318, a bill that established a National Indian Residential School Reconciliation and Memorial Day. Parliament recognizes that the actions are removing children from their families So as communities place them in residential schools meet the UN’s definition of genocide.

Never A Point of Contention

This private member’s bill never discusses in the House. So parliamentary bills have a long and complicated path to passage.

A motion, like the one regarding the Uyghur genocide, is much shorter and easier to pass. In Parliament, there can be no votes against the motion. Most of the cabinet chose to abstain. As well as Justin Trudeau when it came to whether or not to recognize the Uyghur genocide. Therefore recognition of the Indian Residential School system is a violation of Article 2e of the UN Genocide Convention. That could lay the groundwork for the foundation of future generations.