Home Entertainment Ink Master Host, Oliver Peck Leaves Following Blackface Controversy

Ink Master Host, Oliver Peck Leaves Following Blackface Controversy

Ink Master Host

Ink Master Host, Oliver Peck Leaves Following Blackface Controversy: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about ink master host. This article tells you its whole controversy. May this information helps you.

Ink Master Host, Oliver Peck Leaves Following Blackface Controversy

Ink Master Host

What Had Happened?

After 13 seasons, after pictures of the television personality in blackface, Oliver Peck says goodbye to “Ink Master.”

“The manufacturers and I have decided it is preferable to divide ways,” said Peck in a statement made by Rachel Villegas, the spokesman of ‘Ink Master’ to the USA Today.

“I am a part of many talented artists and the offensive photos I have recently taken are a distraction to the stunning show that I loved.

As Per Twitter’s Reactions

“Things are NO more to do with him, and I hope @paramountnet!!!!!” wrote Thursday Twitter user @MsSMoss.

“A black face olive peck? You’re not paying attention, if you’re surprise, “User @TomatoSandwichh have written. “Tin master was always unbelievably racist for the customers of dark skin and even for artists. So many “don’t want the dark linen,” and colour artists are being treated as if they were not as good too!”

User @witchy woman924 said the photos were taken to “please ignore” too recently.

I hope @paramountnet doesn’t have anything else to do with him!!!!!

A tattoo artist I always wanted RECENTLY to blackface, I always saw, “She wrote. She wrote. “I feel you can plead ignorance, if 50 or more years ago, but there are no excuses for this (explanatory) with our fingertips’ knowledge of the oppression of blacks. Oliver Peck (explanatory).”


On Friday, Instagram apologises for “his inappropriate, insensitive and intangible behaviour” by the former “Ink Masters” judge.

“I am just watching those pictures, and it’s difficult for me to think I could’ve been so stupid, unfriendly, stupid.” “I hope since then I have matured a lot, and for everybody I have offended, I am dearly sorry.”

Hence peck added that he was 100% wrong and took “full responsibility” for the pictures.

“Those of you who knew me and know my heart. I thank my friends, family and colleagues, customers and fans who have let me apologise for that mistake and learn from it,” he said.

“I can only hope that you and anyone I’ve offended will find my sincere apology in your heart.” “I know you.

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