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Israel Prime Minister | Naftali Bennett Selects As New Israeli Prime Minister 

Israel Prime Minister | Naftali Bennett Selects As New Israeli Prime Minister 

Israel Prime Minister | Naftali Bennett Selects As New Israeli Prime Minister:  On Sunday, Israel’s parliament adopted the new government, putting an end to Benjamin Netanyahu’s record 12-year tenure as Israeli prime minister and swear in a fragile, diverse coalition that promised to break the country’s political barrier.

Israel Prime Minister | Naftali Bennett Selects As New Israeli Prime Minister


Margin Of Votes

With 60 votes in favor and 59 in the 120-member Knesset in Israel, the change came by the smallest margins. Therefore was one member who abstained. Right-wing political Naftali Bennett, formerly Netanyahu, became the new Israeli Prime Minister for two years in the eight-party coalition agreement lead by the Bennett party and centrist Yair Lapid. After the two-year period of Bennett, Lapid will be the foreign minister and prime minister.

“This is really the end of an era,” said Ihan Goldenberg, director of the Center for New American Security Middle East Safety Security Program, a US thought-tank. Therefore notable votes took place in the midst of increased tensions, daily protests, and violent threats against those seeking to evict Netanyahu. As in the opening speech, the incoming Prime Minister was struck on Sunday to take security to remove a number of far-right. As well as orthodox image legislators from the plenum room, in line with Netanyahu.

Bennett Main Focus

Bennett’s discourse focused mainly on domestic questions like the reparation of the economy in Israel.

Bennett in his speech that they are going to build on the points they agree on. As they have got a lot that to agree upon, transport, education, and so on. In relation to the Israel Arab sector, Bennett promised a “new page.”

Around 20 percent of Israel’s Arab citizens have suffered discrimination, poverty, and lack of chance. Netanyahu often tried to portray Arabs as sympathizers of terrorism. Although he also tried to remain in power after the elections held on 23 March by the same Arab party.

In the context of the same hardline that Netanyahu took on Iran’s nuclear deal. Therefore Biden’s administration tries to revive, his stressed one possible flashpoint with the United States. His renewal was an error.

Party Opinions, Israel Prime Minister

Israel not allowing Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons, as Bennett promised. Hence Israel will not sign and will remain completely free to take action.

Bennett promises he moves away from seen as partisan when it came to his relationship with the United States.

Bennett pledge to cultivate friendships with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.  Also, he manages disagreements through fundamental trust and mutual respect.

Biden, who’s known Netanyahu for decades, welcomed the new government and looked forward to working with Bennett. They spoke after the weekend results.

The White House provided a statement, saying that the leaders agreed to consult closely on all matters related to regional security, including Iran. He says administration is committed to working with the Israeli government on efforts to advance peace, security, and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians.

Subsequent Netanyahu

Bibi, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, becomes more vulnerable to prosecution in the ongoing criminal trial. That is why his tenure is set to end following the ballot on Sunday. The accusations labeling him as a “witch hunt” That used to seek parliamentary immunity from the Knesset. Netanyahu vows to remain the leader of his conservative Likud party. Therefore work to destabilize the new coalition government in order to regain power.

If it is destiny for us to become a part of the opposition. Until the government falls, we shall stay standing and face forward. Then return to lead the country in our way.

This odd-bedfellows coalition includes center-left parties. Therefore right-wing factions, and for the first time in Israeli politics, an Arab party.

Osamah Khalil, a U.S. history professor at Syracuse University. Noted that it may be a Nixon goes to China moment in Israeli politics. Hence allowing future Israeli politicians to join forces with Arab parties. After the hard-line Bennett took that first step.

Netanyahu’s allies pledged to stand by him. Therefore Knesset, outgoing minister of community affairs from Likud, Tzachi Hanegbi. He is now entering a new era of being a strong and militant opposition.

“The new government isn’t very harmonious and may be vulnerable to collapse

“When it explodes, it will lead to new elections.