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Jennifer Tilly, Joins ‘Chucky’ TV Reboot

Jennifer Tilly,  Joins ‘Chucky’ TV Reboot

Jennifer Tilly, Joins ‘Chucky’ TV Reboot: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about jennifer tilly about joining chucky tv reboot.

Jennifer Tilly, Joins ‘Chucky’ TV Reboot

Jennifer Tilly

About Reboot

Barbie, prepare to have your heart broken because the Bride of Chucky has returned. Exclusively revealed by Page Six, Jennifer Tilly has confirmed. That she will be appearing in SYFY’s television version of “Child’s Play.”

At the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection exhibition this week, Tilly, 61, expressed her delight by saying, “I’m thrilled.”

“Chucky is very close to and dear to my heart. Everywhere I go in the globe, I step off a plane into a country I had no idea existed, and they only know one word, and that word is ‘Chucky,’ and they want to hug me.”


Chucky’s female love interest Tiffany Valentine appeared in four films in the Chucky franchise.

Including the films “Bride of Chucky,” “Seed of Chucky,” “Curse of Chucky,” and “Cult of Chucky.” The actress also appeared in the films “Seed of Chucky” and “Curse of Chucky.” When SYFY announced the new Chucky show in January.

They said it would revolve around Chucky appearing in an “idyllic American town” and unleashing “chaos”. As a slew of “horrifying killings” began to expose the town’s hypocrisy and secrets.

In addition, according to a news release from the network, “enemies” and “allies” from Chucky’s past would come to “expose the truth behind the killings,” which could be an allusion to Tilly’s position in the show.

About Man Who Invented Chucky

Hence Don Mancini, the man who invented Chucky 30 years ago. He is the writer on this series, which means it is the original Chucky,” Tilly explained.

“It is the original Chucky,” Tilly added. A tiny bird told me that I would be a part of it because [Mancini’s] partner is Nick Antosca, who did ‘Channel Zero,’ which is a scary anthology of horror stories.

Hence filming for the new series expects to begin this summer. According to the horror movie star, who is unsure how many episodes will feature her character.

Even though she never intended to become a horror film superstar, she now is in that position. “It’s good to have supporters.”

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