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Kirby Lore, Never Wanted To Be A Pink Blob

Kirby Lore, Never Wanted To Be A Pink Blob

Kirby Lore, Never Wanted To Be A Pink Blob: One of Nintendo’s best-known characters, Kirby was never meant to be just another boring blob.

Kirby Lore, Never Wanted To Be A Pink Blob

Kirby Lore


For the past 30 years, Kirby has been stealing hearts and enslaving enemies in Dream Land. As of 1992. The adorable pink blob from Pop Star’s planet set out on a mission to stop the evil King Dedede.

From devouring everything in Kirby’s Dream Land and stealing the precious Sparkling Stars from Kirby and his people.

The idea that a pink alien blob would win the hearts of gamers all over the world seemed far-fetched thirty years ago.

But he’s carried the torch ever since. Because Kirby was never meant to be a pink blob, it’s a bit of an ironic twist.

Prior to starting his presentation, Sakurai didn’t have any specific character concepts in mind. Nothing more than an empty blob had been added to show how the game’s basic concept worked.

To think that HAL Laboratory would fall head over heels in love with that little blob and decide to keep him as a hero is a bit of a shock.

The blob, which was originally white to stand out on the black and white Game Boy screen, had only a few minor tweaks made to it.

Despite the handheld Game Boy’s lack of colour capabilities at the time. The white was never intended to be maintained. Kirby was always supposed to be pink.

With blush on the sides of his round face, according to Sakurai when he was creating the character. Miyamoto had envisioned Kirby as yellow but Sakurai won them all over and everyone’s favourite pink blob was born.

Intresting Detail

A further interesting detail about their coloration is their feet, which are generally the same colour as their body. However, a darker shade of the same colour.

Aside from their puffy bodies casting shadows, it’s hard to tell whether or not their feet are a different colour.

Kirby is 30 years old this year, and Nintendo has promised that there will be more to come. As the company celebrates one of its most popular characters.

There will be more Kirby-themed activities and fun to come as the anniversary nears, according to the organisers. The anniversary wouldn’t be the same without Kirby’s transformation into the adorable pink ball. 

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