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Todd Chrisley No Longer Estranged From His Son Kyle Chrisley

Todd Chrisley No Longer Estranged From His Son Kyle Chrisley

Todd Chrisley is No Longer Estranged From His Son Kyle Chrisley: It was a long trek. Todd Chrisley and his oldest son, Kyle Chrisley, are well-known for their musical duo with Alexus. And, as well as his appearance on ‘Chrisley Knows Best. They are no longer estranged, despite numerous ups and downs in their relationship. He knows the best star related to his father, custodian to his daughter, Chloe, amidst a real-life star tax probe and Kyle’s attempt to suicide.

Todd Chrisley No Longer Estrange From His Son Kyle Chrisley

Kyle Chrisley

What happened to Kyle Chrisley of ‘Chrisley Knows Best’?

Chrisley Knows Best brought fame to the show’s star, Todd Chrisley, and much attention to his relationship with his family, particularly with his elder son, Kyle. The program’s first seasonlso showed that Kyle was trying to become sober and addicted to his daughter, Chloe. Recently, several program viewers searched “what happened to Kyle Chrisley” and “where he’s now.” Kyle has addressed challenges and family members’ social media accounts in the past seasons of the reality show.

Kyle struggled with addiction during the first few seasons of Chrisley Knows Best. However, he was attempting to improve his life for his daughter Chloe, a toddler at the time the show premiered. The 28-year-old young father, on the other hand, relapsed into his addictions, and Todd revealed that he was estranged from Kyle. As a result, Kyle stopped appearing on the show, and he was later accused of domestic violence, drug use, and several arrests. In Sep 2019, he was taken into custody with felony methamphetamine possession after police officers pulled him over for a broken taillight.

Kyle was admitted to the hospital in September 2019 after attempting suicide (as per reports). Todd reconciled with Kyle and has been his staunchest supporter ever since. While Kyle’s drug charges were dropped, he was charged with domestic violence. He allegedly threatened his estranged wife, Alexus Chrisley, with death.

Where is He Now?

According to his social media profile, Kyle reconnected with his parents. He and his wife Julie are photographing him in his latest Instagram poster. Kyle’s Instagram feed also shows he spends time in contact with his daughter Chloe. See some of his pictures below on Instagram.

kyle Marries Ashleigh Nelson

Kyle Chrisley, Todd Chrisley’s son, married Ashleigh Nelson on March 30, according to People on Thursday. After obtaining their marriage license the day before, the couple exchanged vows in St. Augustine, Fla. Kyle and Nelson appear to be married for the first time, though Kyle has an 8-year-old daughter, Chloe, with his ex-wife, Amber Johnson. His parents are currently responsible for the child’s care and well-being. In May 2019, he was arrested on drug allegations and confessed that he tried to commit suicide in September 2019.

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