Home News LGBTQ Flags | Pride Flag Discovers Witty Loophole Rainbow Floodlights

LGBTQ Flags | Pride Flag Discovers Witty Loophole Rainbow Floodlights

LGBTQ Flags | Pride Flag Discovers Witty Loophole Rainbow Floodlights

LGBTQ Flags | Pride Flag Discovers Witty Loophole Rainbow Floodlights: When Wisconsin’s homeowners were told by the neighbourhood association that their pride flag had to be removed, they found a smart lapse, which brought the Pride message into new highlights and made their home famous for the Internet at the same time.

LGBTQ Flags | Pride Flag Discovers Witty Loophole  Rainbow Floodlights


Replacing LGBTQ Flags

Memo Fachino and her husband, Lance Mier, replaced the flag with a rainbow-coloured floodlight display, and Fachino embraced the moment’s humour by posting it to a Reddit forum dedicated to creative ways to circumvent rules.
The post quickly gained traction and inevitably devolved into rants against overzealous homeowner’s associations, but Fachino had no intention of becoming adversarial. After all, he is a member of the Racine neighbourhood council.
“We are not attempting to deceive anyone,” Fachino stated. “Our community does not feel threatened or attacked. It was simply a way for us to express our uniqueness and support in a way that did not violate any HOA rules.”

One U.S. flag is permitted to be flown per residence: the flag flown by the federal government. It’s strictly prohibited to fly any sports team’s banner or emblem on the grounds of any property.

It turns out that a neighbour noticed the rainbow flag the pair had flown outside of their home and inquired with the association, which prompted an email that informed them that they needed to take it down and prompting Fachino and Mier to think of a bright solution.

Though they already had the equipment, Fachino and Mier went online to buy different hues of a light bulb. Malicious compliance has one and a half million members, who get a kick out of “people confirms the letter, but not the spirit, of a request.”

Flag Rule

In Fachino’s opinion, the lights were acceptable.

Within 48 hours, the post had received over 80,000 upvotes, 6,000 comments, and coverage in The Independent from as far away as the United Kingdom.

Fanchino posted other things in other subreddits it’s not like a co that he is a content creator trying to see which things he will blow up. It was just a coincidence.

A couple of tense years in the neighbourhood had resulted in the no-flag rule. As had some “ruffled feathers” over political disagreements. Board members debated how to phrase language allowing for sports team flags or other flags with no political message.

Though he does not agree with the flag policy, Fachino acknowledges that he focusing his attention on other matters when the most recent batch of statutes passed.

There are still some other flags hanging around the neighbourhood that nobody reported. “Unknown to him, his neighbour let it slip. he had no idea why and so he didn’t tell anyone else. We crafted a limited impact instead.”

Lighting Bulbs

Fachino said his lights are on for three hours from 7 to 10 p.m. The cul-de-sac he lives on hasn’t caused any issues.

There aren’t people stopping to take pictures on top of us.
It appears that his neighbours are generally supportive. His only intention was to alert people to it and leave it at that. It was a funny loophole, and it took off from there.
Additionally, who knows? It will be fun for light bulb companies to imagine a June Pride edition of lightbulbs. It could go to a foundation or charity.  Humans did it just for fun.