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Marie Antoinette Children, Biography About Her

Marie Antoinette Children, Biography About Her

Marie Antoinette Children, Biography About Her: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about marie antoinette. May this information helps you.

Marie Antoinette Children, Biography About Her

Marie Antoinette Children


Marie Antoinette has a reputation as a squandering wife who meddled in her hapless husband Louis XVI’s political affairs. But she was also a loving mother to her four children, who were a refuge for the queen when she was down.

Because of the French Revolution, Louis and Marie, along with their son, would perish, leaving only one child to deal with the trauma and tragedy of their family’s fate.

Couples in the 18th century had difficulty getting pregnant and having children.

Maria Theresa and Francis I had 16 children, and Marie was the 15th. She was engaged to the heir to the French throne when she was only nine years old. In 1770, she was 14 and Louis was 15, and they tied the knot.


It was common knowledge among the newlyweds that Marie’s primary responsibility as a wife was to bear a male heir. However, the union remained unconsummated for a number of years due to either a physical or a psychological problem with Louis.

Marie and Louis received a barrage of advice and criticism about their alleged biological “failure,” with Marie’s brother sent to give the young king step-by-step sexual advice.

Royal courts were notoriously gossipy, none more so than intrigue-filled Versailles.

Their first child was born in 1778, four years after they had ascended to the French throne. Marie

Therese, despite the fact that she was not the hoped-for son, was a vital source of emotional support for her mother, whose outward show of frivolity and extravagant spending concealed feelings of deep loneliness and insecurity.

Marie Antoinette Raised Her Children Well

When Marie had Louis Joseph in 1781, he assumed the role of “dauphin,” or the heir apparent to his father. Marie was devoted to her children, despite the fact that royal protocol prevented her from being involved in their day-to-day care.

Louis had given her the small chateau of Petite Trianon at Versailles as a gift, and she enjoyed spending time there with her children when she could.

Marie, now dressed modestly, created an idyllic (and expensive) second life for herself away from the prey eyes of courtiers and the realities of Marie and Louis’s growing unpopularity with the French people.

In spite of the fact that Marie has been a well-liked princess before arriving in France, her extravagant spending and wild spending habits had given rise to scandalous rumours about her private life and the (misguided) belief that her spending had led to the collapse of French industry.

There were two children who died in the royal family before they lost their crowns, including Marie-and Antoinette’s Louis XVI’s

Despite their affection for one another (Louis did not have a formal mistress, unlike many other royal males), Louis and Marie were not a great love match.

It was a Swedish diplomat named Axel von Fersen who played this part for Madame Marie. The relationship between him and Marie most likely began after he returned from the American Revolutionary War.

When Marie’s third child, Louis-Charles, was born in 1785, it sent shockwaves through France, with many speculating that he was von Fersen’s biological child. Her daughter Sophie born in the following year, and that was the end of her family.

Her Baby Sophie

Sophie, the premature baby who died less than a year later, was a tragedy. Marie and Louis devastated when their seven-year-old son Louis Joseph died suddenly in the summer of 1789.

He was a bright but sickly child who most likely passed away from spinal tuberculosis. Which is what caused his demise.

It took Louis’ bereaved parents only weeks to mourn before the powder. Keg that would eventually become the French Revolution explode with the storming of the Bastille.

Louis-Charles Was Brutally Murdered

The royal family taken prisoner from Versailles and imprison in Paris by the end of 1789. In 1792, the Revolutionary government abolished the monarchy after several failed escape attempts.

Including one involving von Fersen’s engineering. In January 1793, Louis XVI hang in a separate location from the rest of his family.

Marie was initially allowed to stay with her children, but they soon separat bey the authorities. Marie grants asylum in Canada.

She had changed her name to Marie Capet, had been under constant observation. Louis-Charles, her only child, was imprisoned in a dank.

Dank cell where he was starved to death, denied contact with the outside world, and physically abused by his guards.

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