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Micah Parsons And Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys ‘Hard Knocks’ Premiere

Micah Parsons

Micah Parsons And Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys ‘Hard Knocks’ Premiere: Dak Prescott can’t get enough football, Micah Parsons can’t get enough mid-practice snacks. Ezekiel Elliott needs help wrapping birthday gifts, and Jerry Jones takes notes with a No.

The Dallas Cowboys’ third season premiere of “Hard Knocks” had plenty of banter, quirks, and expletives.

Micah Parsons And Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys ‘Hard Knocks’ Premiere

Dak Prescott's drive


A gruesome ankle injury and subsequent shoulder strain were revealed in the “Hard Knocks” premiere. In short, the Cowboys’ $40 million quarterbacks worked so hard he overused the latissimus muscle in his throwing shoulder.

Prescott hasn’t thrown meaningfully since the Cowboys’ first padded practice. “Hard Knocks” footage shows Cowboys doctors consulting Texas Rangers and New York Yankees trainers.

Mics revealed that head coach Mike McCarthy needed only one word to express his emotions that afternoon. It was a duck.

Despite this, the first episode on Tuesday was far more amusing than frustrating. Then Prescott knocked on Elliott’s hotel room door at an inopportune time just as.

Elliott was preparing the gift, complete with an apt card reading, “YOU MUST BE EXHAUSTED FROM KICKING SO MUCH ASS.”

Here Are Five More Pivotal Moments From The Premiere:

The Work Ethic Of Dak Prescott

A look behind the scenes of Prescott’s initial maniacal training, including his “575” GPS measurement deemed too high,

Micah Parsons-Dan Quinn

Since the Cowboys selected Parsons 12th overall in the 2021 NFL draught, his personality has been on display.

Mike McCarthy’s Motivations

Mike McCarthy introduced “Mojo Moments” to Cowboys practice. Spontaneous situational work befell the offence and defence in the “Hard Knocks” premiere. But McCarthy’s best moment came when he made players embrace the work ethic required of a Super Bowl champion team.

John Fassel’s

After all, coaches are teachers. A 90-man training camp roster player always fears being cut, as “Hard Knocks” cleverly noted. It fades to John Fassel, special teams coordinator and de facto minister of fun.

Week’s Wingman: Dak Prescott

Watching “Hard Knocks” without the credits would have missed some of Prescott’s best lines. Prescott asks an apparent equipment assistant if he has any girlfriends the assistant would like to shout out via the mic.

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