Home business Naylor taverns Carrington 14 mill street Carrington Bradford bd1 4ab – Everything You Should Know

Naylor taverns Carrington 14 mill street Carrington Bradford bd1 4ab – Everything You Should Know

Naylor taverns Carrington 14 mill street Carrington Bradford bd1 4ab – Everything You Should Know

In the year 2022, a number of businesses, including restaurant chains, manufacturing enterprises, and start-ups in the technology sector, went public for the first time. In addition, a greater number of companies are anticipated to go public via an initial public offering (IPO) in the latter half of this year in order to obtain listed on local stock exchanges. You will be amazed to know that hundreds of companies are registered in the same postal code. One such code is “bd1 4ab”. You can check the fact by searching for ” Naylor taverns Carrington 14 mill street Carrington Bradford bd1 4ab,” the results that come up will be for a company named Naylor taverns Carrington 14, which has only just been registered in Carrington’s, UK. In addition, we are searching for this postal code since there were approximately 351 businesses registered under it. This is one of those 300 different companies listed here.

Overview about Naylor taverns Carrington 14 mill street Carrington Bradford bd1 4ab

On the 28th of January 2022, a private limited company known as Naylor taverns Carrington 14 was officially established. The number 13878443 identifies NAYLOR TAVERNS LIMITED as a private limited company that is in operation and has been registered at Companies House. Bars and public houses make up the bulk of this company’s operations. There is a significant rise in the number of pubs in recent years.

According to those who work in the industry, there are two primary reasons for this upward trend: the first is the growing popularity of draught/tap beer, which can only be sold in establishments that have been granted a pub license, and the second is the atmosphere that city pubs provide that is appealing to younger people. 

On the street of Mill in Bradford is the building that serves as the company’s official headquarters. The following set of the company’s accounts, which are scheduled to be submitted on October 28th, 2023, will be taken into consideration for the account category. Since its inception 0 years (s) and 7 months ago, NAYLOR TAVERNS LIMITED has been in business (s). According to the most recent confirmation statement, which was handed in on the 28th of January 2022, there are now 2 active director(s) and activities associated with the SIC Code 56302 – Public establishments and bars.

Naylor taverns Carrington 14

At this time, Naylor Taverns Limited has been in a successful business. As of the most recent confirmation statement, which was issued on the 28th of January 2022, there is now just one director. Mrs. Michelle Naylor is the person in charge of directing the show. The business is not currently behind on any mortgage payments.

Mrs. Michelle Naylor Serves As The Director

Mrs. Michelle Naylor was born in June 1967. She is the active director of Naylor taverns Carrington 14 mill street Carrington Bradford bd1 4ab. The 55-year-old lady is British by Nationality and publican by profession. At present, she lives in the United States and works as the chief director of Naylor taverns Carrington 14. All the important decisions are taken into her consideration.

The rights of Mrs. Michelle Naylor at Naylor Taverns Carrington’s, located at 14 Mill Street, Carrington’s, Bradford BD1 4aB

  • She is the owner of somewhere between 75% and 100% of the shares.
  • She is eligible to vote between 75% and 100% of the time, depending on the jurisdiction.
  • The power to nominate and remove directors from their positions.

Some important facts about NAYLOR TAVERNS LIMITED

The company is also registered as a private limited company in addition to having a Share Capital. According to the information provided by the United Kingdom government, the status of the company is “Active,” and this status has persisted from the company’s inception.  By the 10th of February in 2023, Naylor Taverns Limited is required to provide the first confirmation statement. Bars and public houses are what Naylor Taverns Limited falls under when it comes to its business classification.

Let’s have a look at the accounts information of this business

 As of this writing, the accounts of Naylor Taverns Limited have not been reported. The beginning date of the account is the 31st of January in 2023, and the payment is due on the 28th of October in 2023. We are unable to locate the year-end financial statement report, the total asset details, the total liability details, the net asset details, the cash in bank details, the employee details, the turnover details, and the debt ratio is not available anywhere.

Naylor Taverns may be reached at their registered location, which is Naylor taverns Carrington 14 mill street Carrington Bradford bd1 4ab. This address can also be found on their website. The United Kingdom is home to the company known as Naylor Taverns Limited.

Final words

Public houses, more commonly referred to as pubs, are establishments that serve alcoholic beverages like beer, cider, and ale, as well as typically also serving non-alcoholic beverages like lemonade, cola, tea, and coffee, for consumption within the confines of the public house itself. These beverages can be consumed by anyone who is of the legal drinking age. They are required to comply with the rules of the nation concerning licensing.

What makes Naylor Taverns Carrington 14 such a fantastic pub? The “come as you are” policy, the culture of friendliness, and the commitment to excellence are all hallmarks of an outstanding pub. It should serve as the hub of a small town and be frequented by a diverse cast of locals, but it should also be friendly to outsiders. The atmosphere inside should be warm and inviting, with nooks, crannies, and snugs specifically built to encourage discussion. It should have relatively few televisions or none at all, and if there is food, it should be simple yet prepared nicely. The staff should be attentive, knowledgeable, and amusing, but the most important thing is that they have to be able to serve a pint of Guinness that is flawless every time. And when you will visit NAYLOR TAVERNS LIMITED, you will feel it has these all qualities.