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Obstagoon, What Is It And Its History

Obstagoon, What Is It And Its History

Obstagoon, What Is It And Its History: Obstagoon is a Pokémon that debuted in Generation VIII as a dark or standard type. It is a gradually developed form of the Galatian Linoone.

Obstagoon, What Is It And Its History


Obstagoon’s History


A badger-like mammalian robot Pokémon with primarily black and white fur and a grey bunch covering its ankles, forearms, and back. The latter appears to be a vest.


Obstagoon generally taunts their arguments before striking a harsh attack, hoping to annoy them into attacking them. They then cross their arms to prevent a move that would reduce the damage of the incoming attack.

They also understand how to target their opponents’ weak points. And it will be repaid in kind with their razor-sharp claws.


Obstagoon has only been discovered in the Galar area. Because of the fierce competition between the species.


He could concentrate on a European badger with a raccoon component. Bands that play heavy metal and punk rock. Hence its appearance and the long tongue protruding from its mouth resemble Gene Simmons of the band Kiss.

As a result, Gene himself admitted to having this Pokémon. It is linked to heavy metal. It’s also a nod to the 2016 anime Aggressive Retsuko.

In which the protagonist is a red panda from the same superfamily. Retsuko sings death metal to vent her frustration at her coworkers’ incompetence.

Therefore retsuko’s singing appearance is similar to Obstagoon’s. It is based on Gene Simmons’.

It belongs to the Field Egg Group, and its egg hatches after approximately 3,840 steps. To reach Level 100, he needs 1,000,000 Experience Points.

Obstagoon’s Characteristics Are As Follows:

In this volume, his voice is horrifying. Hence It usually adopts a combative posture and yells. Obstruct is the name given to this move.

It develops gradually as a result of numerous fights. But, crossing its arms, it lets out a cry that would surprise any argument.

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