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Oura Ring Updates, This Ring Changed My Period Tracking

Oura Ring Updates, This Ring Changed My Period Tracking

Oura Ring Updates, This Ring Changed My Period Tracking: It’s sleek and goes well with my ever-growing silver jewellery. The Oura ring has make it easier for me to track my daily health. Whether it’s keeping my body moving to meet my Activity Goal. Or tracking my sleep quality to maximise my bedtime. In fact, the new Oura ring feature that focuses on reproductive health. It has completely changed how I track my cycle for good.

Oura Ring Updates, This Ring Changed My Period Tracking

Oura Ring Updates


Generation 3 took three years to develop. While the wearable looks similar to the 2018 model. The technology inside has been upgraded. In addition to the existing infrared system. Each band has a new set of powerful red and green.

LEDs that track all the health data we’ve collectively become obsessed with in recent years. With improve sensors that can detect subtle temperature changes.

Generation 3 can now detect wheN period is about FOR start (and much more) with Period Prediction.

No Predictions

A longer, more ambitious roadmap for Women’s Health features is underway. The wearable space has been underserved for this set of features. Unlike many period prediction and tracking apps.

This one does not require you to take your temperature every day. Buy an external thermometer, or use the calendar method. We have the hardware, software, algorithms, and algorithms.”

Many of us only check the temperature to see if we need to layer up or if we’re sick. Due to a biological pattern, that information can also help you get to know your uterus.

Temperature | Oura Ring

“Temperature is a fantastic tool. Estrogen cools down as well as progesterone warms you up. So it shows how your hormones change throughout your cycle.

It’s easy to tell what phase you’re in.” During the first half of cycle, your body temperature is lower.

But it rises as ovulation approaches and progesterone levels rise. Once your period starts, your body temperature drops.

Period Prediction can help those with irregular cycles regain control without the need for tedious penciled-in notes. Many tracking tools use numerical values like cycle length or calendar instead of reading signals directly from your body.

Because the human body is always changing. This feature allows the ring to predict your next period three days ahead of time.


As someone who has been logging every period for several years, I’m used to tracking flow, cramping, and irregular spotting. But data can only predict so much.

And sometimes I feel my period looming. I still fear being caught off guard. That I now have a tracker that keep up with my body’s hormonal changes is comforting. Just confirm my period and let my body do its thing.

But it’s not just about spotting renegades. A new window into your health. Understanding your cycle can help determine whether a short-term stressor like travel. Or a longer-term health issue like chronic illness is affecting your body.

Oura’s temperature data could detect pregnancies nine days before a positive at-home pregnancy test.

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