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Pieck Finger | Things You Didn’t Know About Pieck : Attack On Titan

Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger | Things You Didn’t Know About Pieck : Attack On Titan: As with the Cart Titan, Hajime Isayama teased fans by revealing little bits of information about the figure over time.

It’s not immediately obvious when Pieck initially appears whether she’s an anomalous pack mule or an intelligent Titan. Fans of Attack on Titan are no doubt aware that Pieck is the most intelligent titan in the series.

But there is still some new information that hasn’t been revealed to them yet.

Pieck Finger | Things You Didn’t Know About Pieck : Attack On Titan

Pieck Finger

Leo Is Pieck’s Zodiac Sign.

In spite of Pieck’s sensible and analytical manner, she falls under the sign of Leo. So if you’re curious, you can clue out more about her here.

Even though Pieck rarely displays the typical Leo characteristics, no one can deny that she is a queen. Attack on Titan fans would perceive her in a completely different light.

Marley Is Her Favorite Character, But She Wants More Freedom For The Eldians.

The mad omnicide attempt of Eren Yeager obscures the intentions of many secondary and tertiary characters, but that doesn’t mean that Pieck is without ambitions of her own.

For The Next Two Months, She Will Be Able To Remain In Her Cart Titan Form

There are many myths about the Cart Titan’s endurance. But few people are aware that Pieck can maintain his Titan.

Form for up to two months at a time. After so much time spent in Titan form.

Pieck’s muscle memory has become so ingrained that even when she is in human form, her actions resemble those of a Titan.

As far as I know, most Titan Shifters can only stay in their Titan form for a few hours at most.

The 5th Of August Is Her Birthday, But She Doesn’t Have Many Left.

Those readers who were born in August can rejoice, because Pieck Finger was also born on August 5th.

While viewers of Attack on Titan may have mistakenly thought Pieck’s birthday fell in February due to a slight translation issue that confused Falco with Pieck, he was actually born in September.

Despite Titan Form’s Physical Limitations, Her Intelligence And Endurance More Than Compensate

Fans of Attack on Titan think the Cart Titan is weakest of the nine Intelligent Titans. Yet Pieck’s sharp wit and endurance in both Titan and human form make her one of the most powerful. Titan shifters in the entire series.

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