Home Technology Plastic Tool Box vs. Tool Chest: Which One to Choose

Plastic Tool Box vs. Tool Chest: Which One to Choose

Plastic Tool Box vs. Tool Chest: Which One to Choose

Plastic tool boxes and tool chests are both designed to store your tools securely, conveniently and damage free. The main point of differentiation between the two is the purpose of the storage. If you are unsure of whether to choose a plastic tool box or tool chest, the benefits of each are outlined below. 

Tool Chest

A tool chest is generally constructed out of metal and is designed for fixed storage in a shed or workshop. The tool chest is configured for ultimate convenience and features multiple drawers and compartments. 

Sturdy and secure construction

The most common material for a tool chest is sheet steel, with corrosion protection properties to help keep the tools dry and well maintained. Powder coated or lacquered finishes protect against scratches and exterior damage and a central locking device keeps your tools secure. 


Drawers in varying depths allow for any shape of size tool and easy accessibility. Double and single ball bearing slides cater for heavy tools with stamped drawer bottoms providing added strength. Some tool chests also come with partitions to divide drawers into smaller components.

Space saving

Many of the larger tool chests include a fitted storage shelf and work top extending the space of your workshop or providing workspace in a small area. Fitted on wheels, the tool chest is portable and easily moved around your work area, with a locking mechanism keeping the wheels in place.


Several models offer extra features such as detachable tool box, removable parts trays, telescopic handles and a bottom flip bin for longer tools that don’t fit in the drawers. 

Plastic Tool Box 

The plastic tool box offers a completely different function to the tool chest. Lightweight and completely portable, plastic tool boxes also have a range of features that provide safe and secure storage for your tools. 

Safe transportation of tools

With removable trays and fastened compartments, your tools can be organised securely in your plastic tool box and transported without damage. Small items will stay in place, ready to use when you need them. 

Lightweight, stackable and wheeled

All plastic tool boxes are designed to be carried, with strong foldable handles and sturdy fasteners. Larger plastic tool boxes are stackable and can be transported on wheels with retractable handles for convenience. 

Easy Access

You can carry your lightweight plastic tool box to the spot you need it, open the lid with one hand, and find the tool you need in the secure spot you stored it. Designed for worksites, your tool box can withstand dusty and wet conditions, keeping your tools ready for the job. 

Tool chests and plastic tool boxes both serve their purpose in storing your tools, keeping them in good condition and easy to grab. For a fixed tool storage unit, the metal tool chest provides plenty of space and configurations as well as a worktop. For portability, the plastic tool chest is lightweight and secure. Consult a tool box expert to find out more about your tool storage options.