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Poisonous Caterpillars | Poisoning & Causes of Painful Rashes On Skin


Poisonous Caterpillars | Poisoning & Causes of Painful Rashes On Skin: While parts of the country deal with cicadas this summer, Maine is struggling with a poisonous hair infestation of an invasive caterpillar species, which can cause painful rashes and even respiratory problems. The caterpillars, known as browntail moths, measure around 1.5 inches and have white slashes and 2 red dots on the back. Browntail is the most common moth along Maine’s and Cape Cod coast, but this year it is discovering in all the 16 counties of Maine, said Jim Britt, a Maine Department spokesperson for agriculture, conservation, and forestry.

Poisonous Caterpillars | Poisoning & Causes of Painful Rashes On Skin


Invasion Of Poison

In the middle of the invasion by the cicada, a poisonous caterpillar is a second insect that causes havoc in Maine.

In several Maine counties, the Browntail Moth caterpillar is an invasive species only find there and Cape Cod. The moth’s hair contains poison, which according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention causes a reaction similar to poison ivy.
“The people find it everywhere – on the ground, at the picnic table, at the electric box, at the corner, as you call,” said Jim Britt, the Maine Department’s spokesman on agriculture.

With its 1,5-inch length, dark brown with white stripes, and two orange points, the moths can be identified on their back.

The moth’s hair can be breathed. They can cause a rash that lasts for several hours when they come into contact with the skin or rash can take several weeks for those with sensitive skin.


That if you inhaled your hair, respiratory distress can be severe.

A public health problem declares by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. And a plan develops for addressing infestations that occur throughout the city. As well as in other places in a Facebook post by the city of Bangor. In a rash in her forearm, Amanda Umble told Bangor Daily News she did not remember to contact one.
It feels like your bed has bugs. The whole night, it feels like the stuff is biting us.
Umble told her paper that she had unsuccessfully tried Benadryl cream. Then tried Cortisone 10, which worked better after about a week to clear its rush. There are no specific rash treatments. But a cool bath with baking soda, cream, and a lotion of calamine can help.

Main Reason Behind Invasion

Government officials said the invasion of this year advance due to a hotter spring.
Several municipalities recommended that people wear their glasses. Take cool baths and dry laundries inside until after summer exposure to the hair fall.

Maine is not this season the only state that has seen an upturn in caterpillars. According to state foresters, Vermont has experienced its worst leaf-munching moth caterpillars ever since 1991.