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Pumice Stone, Everything You Should Know About It

Pumice Stone, Everything You Should Know About It

Pumice Stone, Everything You Should Know About It: Hey guys, today I am sharing some useful information about pumice stone. This article tells you its after care and how to use it. May this information helps you.

Pumice Stone, Everything You Should Know About It

Pumice Stone

What Is Pumice Stone?

When lava and water combine, a pumice stone is formed. A light yet abrasive stone to remove dead, dry skin. It is a light stone. A pumice stone may also make your calluses and maize softer to reduce friction pain.

You can use this stone every day, but knowing how to use it properly is important. You can take too many skin off, lead to bleeding, or increase your risk of infection if you are not careful.


In local beauty stores and supermarkets you can buy a pumice stone. Some shops have it with two sides. The abrasive side of these stones is more red and the softer side is less sensitive.

You also need a large bowl or pool of warm, soapy water to safely exfoliate your skin. This is particularly important to exfoliate your hands or feet.

If your elbows, face or neck have it to use, consider taking a shower with this stone.

You also need additional accessories:

  • Towel Soft
  • Hydratant (cream, lotion, or oil)
  • Socks that hydrate (optional)
  • Clean the Pumice Stein bristled brush

Tips To Use A Pumice Stone

For Your Neck And Your Face

The sensitivity of your face and neck. You can cause redness and abrasions if you apply too much pressure. Consider buying a double-sided stone to put it on your face or neck.

Repeat the following steps. Use the softer side rather than the abrasive side of It. Rub the stone around 15 seconds in a circular movement. Stop using it immediately if you feel redness or burning.

Rinse your face and neck in warm water after exfoliating your skin and apply a hydrating agent. Use only a pumice stone once a week on your face.

To Remove Hair

It can also remove unwanted hair, besides removing dead skin.

These hair removal steps may be followed:

  • Add the skin for 5 to 10 minutes in warm water.
  • Wet the stone of your pumice.
  • On your skin, lather soap.
  • Apply the pumice to your skin and rub with mild pressures in a circular movement to take away hair.
  • Rinse and repeat until you remove all hair. Stop using it when you notice any irritation.
  • Rince thoroughly with warm water when you’re done to remove excess skin or hair.
  • Place your skin with a hydrating agent or oil.
  • Repeat this process until all hair is removed every few days.

Aftercare Pumice Stone

These instructions should guide you safely and effectively with a pumice to remove your hair or to exfoliate. Always hydrate your skin and purify it after using It. Note that your findings may not reflect others.

Stop using this stone immediately if you begin to experience any irritation or pain. It may not be used by people with sensitive skin.

Apply the antiseptic and stop using if you break the skin during this procedure. Talk to doctor or dermatologist about other options.

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