Home Health Pumice Stone Stretch Marks | How To Use A Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone Stretch Marks | How To Use A Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone Stretch Marks | How To Use A Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone Stretch Marks | How To Use A Pumice Stone: When lava and water are combined, pumice is created. Dry, dead skin is removed with this stone, which is both light and abrasive. To alleviate friction-induced pain, use a pumice stone to buff away hardened calluses and corns.

Pumice Stone Stretch Marks | How To Use A Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone Stretch Marks

Instructions That Are Broken Down Into Steps

Use these guidelines to get rid of your rough skin. Stop using the pumice stone immediately if you notice any discomfort or abnormal symptoms.


Put everything together in one location. Check to see that your stone and water are free of debris before using them.

For 5 to 10 minutes, soak your dry, callous skin in warm water. As a result, you’ll see some improvement in the toughness of your skin.

To make your water even softer and more moisturising, mix in some soap or oil. This step should only be done in the shower or bath if you plan to use pumice on your elbows, knees, and/or face.

The Pumice Stone As A Scouring Agent

During the time you’re soaking your skin, also soak your pumice stone in warm water. Dry pumice stones should never be used on the skin. With a moist pumice stone. You won’t have to worry about hurting yourself when exfoliating.

After washing the area, pat the area dry with a towel. Pat your skin dry for a few additional minutes if your skin is still a little rough.

Apply the pumice stone to your skin. After removing it from the warm water.

It’s best to use mild pressure and circular motions while using a pumice stone. Give your skin a two- to three-minute massage. Your skin may get uncomfortable or irritated. Just because you’re applying too much pressure, so cease immediately.

Pay special attention to the heels. Even the sides of the toes, and any other dry spots on your foot that you may be aware of.

Remove the dead skin from your skin by rubbing the pumice stone. Over it until it is smooth and supple underneath.

Rinse your face after two to three minutes of light massage. Repeat this procedure if you still detect patches of dead skin. Keep your pumice stone clean by rinsing it after each use.

For keeping skin soft as well as supple. You can repeat this treatment everyday or a few times a week.

Bringing Things To A Close

Apply a moisturiser or oil to your skin. After you’re done to keep it hydrated and supple. After hydrating your skin, wear moisturising socks.

The pumice stone should be cleaned after each usage. Scrub the stone clean with a bristle brush while it is submerged in water. To ensure for cleaning and free of dirt, use a small bit of soap. On the surface, bacteria can thrive.

Make sure you don’t share your pumice with anyone else. Everyone in the family should have their own.

It’s best to let the stone dry naturally. To prevent the growth of bacteria, keep it in a dry environment that is not near water.

Five minutes in boiling water will do wonders for your pumice stone when it comes to deep cleaning. Allow it for air dry away from any wet areas for at least a few days before using.

Over time, your stone will become too smooth to be of any use. Replace your stone if it grows smaller, smoother, or softer.

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