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Ryan Air Flights | Belarus US Sanctions Over Forced By Jen Psaki

Ryan Air Flights | Belarus US Sanctions Over Forced By Jen Psaki

Ryan Air Flights | Belarus US Sanctions Over Forced By Jen Psaki: Belarus dispatched a military plane to divert a Ryan Air Flights. They arrested Roman Protasevich, a 26-year-old opposition journalist. Also, the activist who was on board, sparking a global outcry. Therefore the US announced punitive measures against Belarus on Friday. Efforts directed them at the regime of President Alexander Lukashenko. He met with Vladimir Putin of Russia. In a global outcry about a European plane’s forced divergence.

Ryan Air Flights | Belarus US Sanctions Over Forced By Jen Psaki

Ryan Air Flights

Credible International Investigation

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, called for a “credible international investigation” into the May 23 events. She described it as a “direct affront to international norms.” Hence Belarus dispatched a military plane to divert a Ryanair flight and arrested Roman Protasevich. A 26-year-old opposition journalist and activist was on board, sparking a global outcry. The White House announced that it was collaborating with the European Union. They have drawn up a list of targeted sanctions for key Lukashenko regime members. Meanwhile, in response to an attack on pro-democracy protests, economic sanctions against nine state-owned enterprises in Belarus re-imposed by Washington in April will be reset on June 3.

Further US sanctions against Belarus could target “The corruption advocates. Human rights abuse and democratic attacks, “In Psaki’s manner.

The EU has also urged EU carriers not to fly across the territory of Belarus.

On the other hand, President Vladimir Putin celebrated on Friday by hosting Lukashenko at Sotchi’s Black Sea resorts, Russia’s close ties with Belarus. Watching the discussions by observers to see how far the Kremlin would go to support the regime. Russian President Vladimir Putin told him he was “pleased” to see Lukashenko and accepted the West’s “emotional outburst.”

Rock The Boat 

Lukashenko claimed that the West was attempting to incite unrest in Belarus.

The boat attempts to rock up to last August level,” he said, referring to anti-governmental protests following a contested election. What our friends in the West expect from us is clear.”

The Belarusian leader, who arrived carrying a briefcase, said he wanted to show Putin “some documents.” It related to the Ryanair incident and thanked him for his assistance in the latest standoff with the West. The discussions last more than five hours, but no result announce.

Lukashenko’s relations with Moscow have been volatile in recent years. It is opposed to the West and rule out unanimity with Russia. However, following the Ryanair plane incident, his options appear to be limit.

Putin and Belarus’s president have met regularly since August. When historic protests against Lukashenko’s nearly three-decade rule erupts. In the face of Western condemnation, the 66-year-old wages a ruthless crackdown on his opponents and leaning increasingly on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Several people were killed in Belarus during the unrest. Thousands of them were detained, and hundreds of them were tortured in prison.

The plane diversion on Sunday was a dramatic escalation. With EU leaders accusing Minsk of effectively hijacking a European flight to arrest Protasevich.

Technical Reasons

Several flights between Russia and Europe cancel as a result of the overflight ban. Following a refusal by the Russian authorities of plans to prevent Belarusian airspace. Russia maintains it is purely technical cancellations. However, they raised concerns. If it is possible to avoid Belarus, Moscow will consistently refuse to allow European airlines to land. Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova, as he spoke, called the Kremlin’s political motivation and dangerous flight interdiction brands “totally irresponsible.”

Josep Borrell, the head of foreign affairs in the EU, said this bloc would look for a broader Russian policy. However, Moscow insisted that the disruptions were not political. The authorities in Belarus claimed Ryanair’s threat with a bomb. The flight took the dissidents to Vilnius from Athens.

Minsk said he demanded a flight country in Belarus, quoting the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas’ message from a Proton Mail address. Protasevich arrests his Russian girlfriend Sofia Superga, 23, after landing the city plane, helping to organize protests against Lukashenko’s rule last year.


Borrell said proposals aimed at vital economic sectors in Belarus, including oil and potash, “are on the table.”

On Friday, the Belarusian leader of the opposition Svetlana Tykhanovskaya urged the EU to be “braver” and apply further sanctions to the Minsk regime. Tykhanovskaya stated after meeting Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The Hague has not seen sufficient progress on the measures discussed by EU countries.

On Friday, EU leader Ursula von der Leyen warned Lukashenko that “it is time to change course. The European Commission President also wrote to the opposition offering the “Democratic Belarus Package” for three milliards of Euros supporting Lukashenko’s resignation.

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